Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hello again old friend

Time for an update I think.  I am in Christmas mode already.  I made a list of all the baking I want to do.  In that list is butter tarts, white chocolate and cranberry shortbread, peanut butter and marshmallow cake, magic bars, nuts and bolts and caramel corn.  I have already ordered our Christmas cards.  The house is mostly fall cleaned... just the kitchen left!  And I have been tackling some special quilt-y Christmas gifts which I will post later.  I finished a Christmas table runner for my mom for her birthday.  It kinda turned out all bunchy and I was not impressed but its not terrible.   Oh well.  When I do the quilts for Christmas I will be a lot more diligent when I put the top, batting and back together!!

Reese is in preschool and dance and doing ok at both.  We still have the odd outburst from her but it's getting less and less.  I took her skating last Friday and that lasted about 10 minutes and a couple falls on her bum before she was screaming and crying at me that she was done!  I think I have her convinced to go back again sometime and hopefully this year we can at least achieve balance on her skates!

Nixon is now pulling himself up on things and is getting really good at going from crawling to sitting to knees to standing.  He's a very mobile little dude.  He smiles at the drop of a hat except for this week as he had a terrible cold that lasted 5 days.

Sully is pretty uneventful I guess.... he is just talking more.  He wants to skate too so next time we might all try and go and see how he fares. 

I have a ton of crafty projects left to do and am just trying to do a little each day as I can.  I have the one quilt top done for Christmas and the other one awaiting some letter appliques.  I have the material all ready to go for my new high chair cover.  And I need to make Nixon a Christmas stocking and maybe do a little embellishment to the other ones stockings too.  Wish me luck! 


Corina said...

really like the table runner meg - it is SO cute! I'm so jealous - you have been doing so many thingS!!! way to go! make sure you post pics before you give them away!!

Sandy said...

Great job on the table runner.

strat said...

So adorable. He knows what he does now.

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