Tuesday, October 04, 2011


It's been a long time hasn't it?? 
Oops.  September is gone and all I can say is good riddance!  Not that I don't love a long fall it's just that we were all sick for the month of September, thus trapped at home.  Reese had Scarlet fever/strep throat, then I had strep, then the boys and myself have impetigo and Staph infections.  So we're all on antibiotics at last and things are looking up.

What's new.... Reese has started preschool again.  This year its 2 days a week and she is loving it.  There are nineteen 4 year olds in her class this year!  All those kids in one room, sounds like a nightmare to me.  ha ha.  She is starting dance this afternoon and she is pumped for that and I am going to try and get her skating this year also.

First day of preschool!!

  Sullivan is a normal, 2 year old bruiser.  He constantly has a goose egg on his head.  He loves to torment and cause trouble.  He is talking a lot more.  He says thank-you, CC, Nicky, Yep, No, More, Don't, Mom, Dad, and has recently started putting small sentences together.  He loves to play hockey and throw a ball around.  I think I will also get him skating this year. 

And Nixon is sort of crawling, pulling himself around.  He is VERY active which is interesting.  He has already fallen down a couple stairs due to a door being left open by his brother.  He loves to mimic you and will try and repeat the noises you make.  He already has a sense of humor and loves his big brother and sister, who although they torment him, they also can make him giggle like no one else!

This was his first time trying pudding!!  He loved it.  (duh!)
And I am taking the boot camp class again every Thursday evening and I will be curling every Tuesday starting the end of the month.  I have been liking the cooler weather and trying some new recipes, lasagna soup, apple cake, raspberry cheese cake cupcakes, to mention a few.  I will post a few new recipes shortly.  We have been trying to get some family pictures taken but with all the illness I have had to cancel twice already.  We did manage to get a family picture in Winnipeg at Assiniboine park the beginning of the month but I really want some more of the kids!