Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I had a birthday a few weeks ago...

I was very spoiled by my family... an ice cream cake, a whole box of books to read, and a date day with my hubby.  It was wonderful.  We had two meals away from the kids, went to the movies and saw The Help ( which was wonderful... as is the book... highly recommend both!)

This is what I have been up to, besides the regular stuff.

 I set up a little sewing corner in the basement so I could put my sewing stuff out and leave it out.  I have been puttering away in my spare time and loving it!  This was for baby Leo... I say was because after I took this pic I got fussy and was going to go over the stitching in one corner... it got jammed in my machine and in getting it out I ripped a tiny  hole in it.  I was not impressed.  Since then I have purchased a few more onesies that I am going to embellish for the little boys and girls in my life!
 Jammie pants for the kids out of leftover flannel.  These are for Reese.
Refrigerator bread and butter pickles.  So easy and delicious.  A good way to use some of my mountain of cukes.  Recipe garnered from
I also have blanched, bagged and froze bags of beans, peas and lastly shredded zucchini.   Next up will be our apples which are thisclose to being ready. 

Where does the time go???

My little girl turned 4 yesterday.  4.  I can hardly believe it.  It feels just like yesterday that I was bringing home my beautiful baby girl from the hospital.

We celebrated with just our family and a surprise visit from Nana & Poppa.  Seeing as how I don't talk a whole lot on here anymore about Reese I thought I would put a few points about my dear girl down here.

Reese Lily:
Age 4

Favorite TV shows:  Curious George, Caillou
Favorite Toys:  Baby dolls, Polly Pockets, puzzles and books
Favorite Foods:  Cheese, yogurt, corn on the cob, apples, pears, plums, ranch dip, bologna sandwiches
Favorite Books:  Curious George, Olivia
Favorite Activities:  Playing outside, helping in the garden, riding her bike, brushing her teeth
Least Favorite Activities:  Cleaning up her toys, washing her hair, getting her hair combed
Best Qualities( so far):  Gentle with her baby brother, Loving, Smart, Independent and Determined
Worst Qualities ( so far):  Impatient, A little hot headed, Independent & Determined!

We love you baby girl!!  Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

July roundup

Summer days have been wonderful.  This is the best summer I have had in awhile and me and the kids have been living outside as much as we can.  We had a few fun things happen in July... my nephew's 3rd birthday party, a new nephew born, a family trip to Grand Forks, a family gathering with Scott's family, pool parties with our new, bigger, much improved blow up pool, and a few other impromptu get togethers and day trips here and there.

Amongst all of the fun we've also been getting some work done around here and the yard and garden are looking really good.  We have an amazing crop of potatoes, green beans, peas, carrots, zuchinni and now cucumbers coming.  I've managed to freeze a fair bit of the beans and peas and the rest we have been enjoying fresh.  I was also able to buy some fresh berries at the farmer market last weekend and made a batch of strawberry saskatoon jam.  Mmmm.   

Hope that everyone else is enjoying their summer as much as we are!!