Friday, June 03, 2011


Oops... caps on.  ahaha.

So this week... what did I do.  Oh yeah I ran 5 km on Sunday!!!! And I am still super pumped about it.  My only real goals with it were to a) show up on time and b) run the whole thing.  And I did both.  The first a little too well actually.  Nixon decided to wake up at 5 for his feeding and I was going to get up in 45 minutes anyway so we just got up.  AT 5 IN THE MORNING.  Yuck.  But seriously the anticipation and the excitement in the air was awesome.  I am so doing this again!

The evidence:

And for the record I cursed every single one of our 14 stairs the next day... every single time I climbed them. 

The rest of the week has been spent getting ready for our garage sale tomorrow, working at the golf course and protecting our house and yard from the absolutely ridiculous weather we have been having.  A 6 foot square chunk of our roof is now being protected by a large piece of plastic and last night when we got an inch of rain in 10 minutes, I was a little bit freaked.  Not to mention the couple hundred dollars of plants, shrubs and trees I haven't got planted that I have been trying to shelter from the regular beatings.  Have I mentioned that I am sick to death of the weather... talking about it, thinking about it... everything!  I am ready to be able to walk in my garden and pull some weeds, see if everything is coming up and just enjoy it in general. 

Last night my curling team of 6 ladies went out for supper.  We had an awesome time out and I enjoyed a wonderful meal of prime rib, seafood and a couple paralyzers.  Yum.  And when I got home all of the kids were in bed, Nixon had sucked back 4 ounces of formula and half of the yard was mowed.  Have I mentioned my hubby is pretty awesome.  And Nixon slept from 9 till 5 so I have decided I'm leaving every night!!

I am making Reese cookies to sell at the garage sale, then going to try and finish the mowing after lunch, and a meeting at 5:30.  Then get everything ready for tomorrow morning's garage sale.  Busy day!! 


Corina said...

yes - i was totally sore after the run! must have been all that adrenalin pumping!
yeah for nixon sleeping so long - Sawyer has been having better nights too!

June F. said...

Good job on the run, that is a great accomplishment!!!! And Nixon eating and sleeping is too. WooHoo!!!!! Too bad about your house in all this crappy wea..... oh wait.... I won't say anything about the weather.....

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