Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I am coveting

New beautiful tea towels.
Doily earrings.

Pretty necklace.

New pretty throw cushions for the couch ( once our new floor is down.)  I will have pics.

Black leggings.... ever since I saw your 80's picture Corina!!

Another pair of skinny jeans for fall... I'm kinda loving the ones I have.  

I love this maxi dress... but not sure if it would make me look preggers?? At this point that would be very very very bad!!

A couple new water bottles.

This book. 

Now all I have to do is drop some hints to the hubby for my birthday in August!!


June F. said...

Well this blog is a pretty big hint for your hubby, hopefully he reads it! LOL I've been eyeing up a dress similar to that as well from Old Navy but wondered the same thing about looking pg. I've been asked if I was pregnant twice in the last year.... don't need that happening any more! LOL

Meghan said...

Ha ha. So true June!!
I even told him about this list and added most of it to my Amazon list. But the clothes I will likely just buy for myself when we go to Grand Forks in July!!

Corina said...

yo yo - so you're going to grand forks!?/ Suhweet! Can I send you a shopping list?!?!

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