Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Craziness

This weekend was absolutely crazy!!! 
It actually all started last Wednesday evening... I got my hair done.  This took from 6 -10... which sounds crazy but she is a friend and we visit so its all good.  Thursday evening I had my cardio class.  Friday I had my mom lined up to watch the kids so I could golf with the girls in a golf tourney.  It was a shot gun start at 1 and the rain started at 12:59.  Which sucked but we still golfed all 18 holes and got completely soaked!  And maybe over compensated with a few too many drinks...  I got home at 4 in the morning!  YIKES. 

Ready to golf!  ( in my size 6 shorts!!!!!!)
WET!!  (I missed the memo that we were taking the rain ponchos off!)

Needless to say I didn't make it to my in-laws the next day for Father's Day.  How irresponsible... I felt terrible.  So me and Morgan went to Brandon and bought Scott a 46" flat screen t.v. and HDPVR for fathers day.  What a surprise when he got home!!  ahaha.  We were going to buy a new t.v. right away anyway and the timing just seemed right.  Plus it is always a great idea to make big decisions when you are hungover right??  It has only been up for a few days now but I am loving the PVR.

Sunday we went to mom and dads for fathers day.  The kids had a great time shooting Nana with their water guns I brought along.  It was a great day!

We started Nixon on baby cereal on Sunday and he seems to really love it.  He's only 5 months old but we started earlier than the recommended 6 months with the other 2 and they are fine.  I was hopeful he would sleep a little better on it but that has not been the case.

Hope that you all had a great weekend and spoiled all the wonderful men in your lives!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I am coveting

New beautiful tea towels.
Doily earrings.

Pretty necklace.

New pretty throw cushions for the couch ( once our new floor is down.)  I will have pics.

Black leggings.... ever since I saw your 80's picture Corina!!

Another pair of skinny jeans for fall... I'm kinda loving the ones I have.  

I love this maxi dress... but not sure if it would make me look preggers?? At this point that would be very very very bad!!

A couple new water bottles.

This book. 

Now all I have to do is drop some hints to the hubby for my birthday in August!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Love

  • I love that Reese calls hooks, hookers.  "Can you stay and snuggle for as many hookers as I have on my wall Mom?", "What is that hooker on dad's tractor for Mom?"... makes me laugh so much I don't want to correct her.
  •  Tostitos Artisan Chips... I've only had the Roasted Garlic and Black Bean ones so far but they were awesome.
  •  I had a productive weekend and finished it off with a delicious barbecue meal of ribs, potato salad, taco salad and tiger bars for dessert.
  • Reese and I went to the fair on Friday with Uncle Momo and had a fantastic day.  We ate so much junk, went on all the kiddie rides ( some even twice), saw Doodles the clown and won a stuffed animal for each of the kids.

  •  That Reese calls riding her bigger bike, riding her hot Chevy.  Not sure where she got it from but it cracks me up every time. 

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I am slowly going crazy

Nope.  No better sleep last night.





We're off to the last pre-school party.  Moms are to stay... which means we're all staying.  This could be interesting.  I will miss my Wednesday morning breaks. 

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Quick update

Public Health visit today.  No needles as Nixie has baby Roseola.  I have been wondering what's been going on with him... fever, irritable, lack of appetite and finally the rash showed up yesterday.  I wasn't freaked out as both the other two had this as well.  Oddly enough once the rash appears they are usually feeling a bit better and that seems to be the case this time as well.  Here's hoping for a better nights sleep tonight.  We did get weighed though and he is only 16 lbs.  I say only because a brief look back tells me that Sully was 23 1/2lbs... INSANE.  I always knew he was big but seriously????  Nixie is the same size as Reese was which is pretty hilarious to me.  But he never sits still already... he does this weird wiggle thing.  

That's all for tonight... I'll leave you with this little nugget

Friday, June 03, 2011


Oops... caps on.  ahaha.

So this week... what did I do.  Oh yeah I ran 5 km on Sunday!!!! And I am still super pumped about it.  My only real goals with it were to a) show up on time and b) run the whole thing.  And I did both.  The first a little too well actually.  Nixon decided to wake up at 5 for his feeding and I was going to get up in 45 minutes anyway so we just got up.  AT 5 IN THE MORNING.  Yuck.  But seriously the anticipation and the excitement in the air was awesome.  I am so doing this again!

The evidence:

And for the record I cursed every single one of our 14 stairs the next day... every single time I climbed them. 

The rest of the week has been spent getting ready for our garage sale tomorrow, working at the golf course and protecting our house and yard from the absolutely ridiculous weather we have been having.  A 6 foot square chunk of our roof is now being protected by a large piece of plastic and last night when we got an inch of rain in 10 minutes, I was a little bit freaked.  Not to mention the couple hundred dollars of plants, shrubs and trees I haven't got planted that I have been trying to shelter from the regular beatings.  Have I mentioned that I am sick to death of the weather... talking about it, thinking about it... everything!  I am ready to be able to walk in my garden and pull some weeds, see if everything is coming up and just enjoy it in general. 

Last night my curling team of 6 ladies went out for supper.  We had an awesome time out and I enjoyed a wonderful meal of prime rib, seafood and a couple paralyzers.  Yum.  And when I got home all of the kids were in bed, Nixon had sucked back 4 ounces of formula and half of the yard was mowed.  Have I mentioned my hubby is pretty awesome.  And Nixon slept from 9 till 5 so I have decided I'm leaving every night!!

I am making Reese cookies to sell at the garage sale, then going to try and finish the mowing after lunch, and a meeting at 5:30.  Then get everything ready for tomorrow morning's garage sale.  Busy day!!