Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend News

This weekend was another busy one around here.  Saturday I spent the whole day at the golf course trying ( and failing) to get caught up.  I'm really enjoying the work out there but to be honest am a little overwhelmed trying to secure someone to watch the kids and get out there. 

Sunday Scott had work to do so I packed the kids up and took them to mom and dads for the day.  We had a pretty lazy, rainy day out there. 

Yesterday we were planning on going for a States run to pick up the mail and maybe go to Super Walmart but then we decided to go to Minot instead.  It started out a little rocky with the kids in the van, I thought we weren't going to make it there, but we did.  We had a lovely (??) lunch at McDonald's where the kids thoroughly enjoyed their happy meals.  Then we hit the mall for 3 hours to just hang out.  After a treat of Cold Stone ice cream, yum, we packed up and headed home.  It was a pretty full day but we had fun.   Everybody got a few little treats and the one guilty pleasure I returned home with was Chelsea Handler's new book, Lie That Chelsea Handler Told Me.  We have been watching her show Chelsea Lately on E! lately and I've become a little obsessed. 

We're still having issues with Nixon taking the bottle.  Friday I finally got him to eat about 2 1/2 ounces and I was over the moon.  Naturally I celebrated with a large glass of wine ; -)  He usually just screams and sometimes gnaws on the nipple, and we have dumped 2 ounces in him before, but this was the first  time he actually latched on and sucked it down.  I had to bounce around the kitchen with him but still a small victory.  Of course he hasn't done it since.  Boo. 

Next Sunday is our 5 km run.  I have a feeling it isn't going to be pretty.  Try as I may it has been difficult to find time to train.  I'm still going to my class but finding time to go for a run has been extremely hard.  Oh well, I'm going to squeeze in a few runs this week and pray for the best!!

Now, on to the pictures!

The riding boots I bought a little while back!  LOVE!

Devil child!  With his new haircut.

Growing so fast!

Tiny boy!

Tulips from my garden.

Dog napping while his nemesis plots against him on the other side of the tree. 

I caught them watching Curious George like this one morning.

Enjoying the great outdoors!

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