Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend News

This weekend was crazy... actually starting last week was crazy.  Thursday I went into Brandon, flood zone, to pick up my new flooring.  To catch everybody up, it has been a pretty big debate around here actually.  We have original hardwood floors in our house.  Normally this would make me swoon except that they are in really rough condition.  Like think slivers and wood chips kind of condition.  It is a dark cherry wood and all of our furniture is very dark also.  Our plan is to pick up our house and move it within 5 years.  So I wanted to put new hardwood floors but Scott informed me that our current floor is not level, so when we move it and straighten it out the floors would likely buckle.  Not a chance I wanted to take after spending some dollars on nice hardwood.  So my next suggestion in project save our feet was laminate.  I'm not sold on laminate either but it is a lot cheaper, looks nice, is easy to clean, durable and best of all I can pick it up and move it to our basement once we do the big lift. Sold.  I chose a really light maple that does not match our trim boards but I think it will contrast and compliment it.  Now I wait until after seeding when I can get a crew to help Scott install it.  Can't wait.
Saturday we went to mom and dads to help vaccinate cattle and Reese wanted to stay for a sleep party.  We gladly left her there overnight and yesterday with the beautiful weather, we worked our butts off.  We had all of the grass cut by lunch.  I got groceries and washed the van, cleaned the van, trimmed the hedge, transplanted the perennials, mapped out my new flower bed and had BBQ supper.  It was awesome to get so much done but I was exhausted. 

This week is going to be lovely weather so I want to get everything planted and enjoy the great outdoors! 


June F. said...

Good for you Megan! I'm tired just reading this. LOL I look forward to hearing about your house renos in the future!

meghan said...

Thanks June. I'll be sure to take some before and after pictures!

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