Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yesterday was crazy.  I made cinnamon rolls (which were delicious!) in the morning.  Went to work in the afternoon thanks to the in-laws coming and watching the kids.  Got home at 4:30 and made meatloaf (FIL's favorite), mashed potatoes and corn for supper.  Went out and planted the whole garden that was freshly tilled and just looking oh so pretty.  I got a little more ambitious this year seeing as how I'm not pregnant and planted corn, potatoes, onions, peas, carrots, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, spaghetti squash,  and watermelon.  All I have left are my tomato and pepper plants, herbs and some flowers for color.  Can't wait to see some green start poking through!! 

We have been having issues getting Nixon to take a bottle.   I started a week and a half ago giving him a bottle a day.  I guess I slacked off and he hadn't been having one very often, well now he has decided that he will have none of that.  I fight with him for at least an hour every time and now wait for Scott to come home and do it.  Today Scott fought with him for 2 hours, can you say scream-a-thon, and finally got him to take 2 ounces.  BRUTAL!  I was trying to get him to take formula and breast milk mixed but have since just been trying to get him to take a bottle with straight boob juice.  Either way, he hates it and screams his little fool head off.   
I guess I might be nursing longer than I originally planned??? 

Tonight while Scott was bathing Reese and I was feeding Nixon and putting him down upstairs, Sully was awfully quiet.  I came down and found him in the fridge with a cheese slice chewed and mangled through the plastic and some weird substance which I later identified as taco soup on his chin.  What a kid!   We have also learned that he is terrified of dogs.  We have been out a lot lately and he always keeps an eye on the dog.  He walks around saying,"Bow Wow, No" and if the dog gets to close he screams.  It's strangely entertaining especially on those days he's driving me crazy. 


Corina said...

oh oh no - he's not taking the bottle again?! what's up with that little guy...they're not allowed to do that to their mommies. not allowed. okay i know that i'm stating the obvious probably - but it's not temperature of the bottle, feel of the nipple? what about if you kind of make the nipple warm by running it under warm water - so that it is warm like yours? just throwing it out there! silicon vs. rubber nipples? i don't know I'm grasping because I know this could easily be me - Sawyer took a bottle from gerald this am while i was gone to the workout class and it had been a couple of weeks - I was so nervous! but he sucked it back. i don't know what to say - I wish i could help!

June F. said...

That's too bad Nixon is fighting the bottle! That makes it so much harder on mommy. :( Keep trying and hopefully one of these times he'll take it!! Good for you on the garden, you have a ton of energy girl!! :)

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