Thursday, April 21, 2011


Not sure why I haven't posted recently.... I guess we've been busy.
Last week the kids were gone Monday and Tuesday was a rest day.  Wednesday we had pre-school, which is finally going great! Thursday they had the pre-school wellness fair in town and Reese and I went in the morning.  They had dietitians, physiotherapists,  speech pathologists, hearing and eye checks, and we were to go to every station.  Reese wasn't so sure about it at first but she opened up and did great.
Thursday night was my cardio blast class and I think I did better this week.  I was only a wee bit stiff Friday and Saturday as opposed to hardly being able to walk last week! 
Friday night my little brother came out and stayed with us so that Saturday morning we could get up early and got to Winnipeg without the older two.  He did an amazing job watching them and we had a great day in Winnipeg... me shopping and Scott ripping out walls at his brothers.  I bought a couple shirts for myself from RW& Co.  Love that store. 

I finally looked into getting a lady to watch the kids for me every so often to help me out so I think she's coming out one afternoon next week.  Can't wait.  Tomorrow I am heading out to the golf course to do some work while Scott is off for the holiday. 

Should be a busy but wonderful Easter weekend.  I have the eggs on the stove boiling to dye.  This is a first for me but it should be good!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!


Corina said...

Hey - we did eggs the same day - too funny!
Glad things are going well - who is your lady coming to help you..does she want to drive to Rivers one day a week? LOL

qifei2012 said...

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