Monday, March 14, 2011

Things making me smile on a Monday morning

*  CC singing a song about tequila sheila and talking about a drinking show after spending a couple hours with dad this weekend.
* Sully singing "elmoooooooo" repeatedly
* Nixon smiling and cooing at me first thing this morning
* 2 cups of WARM coffee this morning
* A shopping day yesterday with the whole family
* A Starbucks caramel macchiato on the way home shared with my baby daddy while the kids all slept peacefully all the way home.  
* Only getting up once last night at 4
* Only having to be up for 15 glorious minutes and then promptly falling back asleep
* Snuggling in bed this morning with CC, looking at my latest US Weekly magazine and her asking me which dress I like the best off of each page. 
* Looking forward to vegging on the couch and watching The Bachelor finale tonight.
* A weather forecast that is above 0 all week!!   We might actually come out of hibernation!

WOW, that's pretty good for a Monday morning!  Happy Monday to everyone!

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June F. said...

Wow that sounds like one great Monday morning!! :D