Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mommy Brain

This post is so named because I can think of nothing else.

I am in a fog lately and I can't even really blame the baby.  Nixon has been sleeping so awesome since his second week home.  Most nights I get to sleep from 10 till 6 ish.  This is awesome.  But I am still tired.  The other two are exhausting me, and to make it worse I now have a cold.  UGH.  I am so done with sickness. 
In spite of Nixon being a very easy baby, we are having some behavior issues with the other two.  I expected an adjustment period, but I have to say I kind of hoped they would be over it by now.  Sullivan is into everything, and addicted to the remote and the tv.  He will throw a fit if it isn't on the right cartoon for him.  It's brutal.  He has also started biting his sister as of late.  And Reese, let's just say the tantrums are horrendous. She can take a small problem and turn it into an hour long screaming, pulling out hair fight.

Anyway,  on to something else.

I have otherwise been doing okay.  I have about 9 more pounds to lose to get to my pre-Nixon weight.  Which is good, I still have the baby pooch but with more exercise that should start to go away.  I would ideally like to lose an additional 5 pounds but I am going to just start with the 9.  I am planning on running the 5K I didn't get to do last year due to morning sickness, and I'm pretty pumped about it!  I can't wait to get moving more.  I usually wait until the 6 week post baby mark to really get exercising again.  Don't want to overdo it. 

I have been cooking up a storm also.  I tried a new tuna casserole recipe that is from scratch, meaning it doesn't use canned soup.  It was okay, but a lot of work to basically taste the same as the canned soup variety.  This Sunday we roasted a chicken and with the leftovers I made a pot pie.  It was delicious!  I will definitely be using this recipe again.  Monday morning I made a batch of waffles for breakfast and they were awesome.  And yesterday I made another batch of Gramma's caramel corn to watch the big curling game with.  Yummy.  


2 eggs - split out yolks from whites
2 cups flour
1 3/4 c. milk
1/2 c vegetable oil
2 tbsp sugar
4 tsp. b powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp cinnamon

Mix everything EXCEPT the egg whites in a large bowl.  IN seperate bowl beat the whites until fluffy.  Fold into main mixture. 

Cook  in waffle iron until golden brown and delicous!!

Nixon and moi! A rare picture!

2 weeks old, in his car seat and not real happy about it. 

About a month old here
Now I'm off to make a Rice Krispie cake. 
And I have now officially registered for the 5K!!! 



Laura said...

Love your updates. Cute pics!

meghan said...

Thanks Laura. I am going to try and make more of an effort to update more frequently!