Friday, December 31, 2010

Dates, Doctors and Renos

Holidays are over and it's back to the grind.  Scott is off at noon today though and not working Monday so that will be nice. 

We worked hard through and around the holidays and by Tuesday Sullivan's new room was pretty much complete so we decided to take our final date day for quite some time I predict.   Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids for the day and we went to Brandon. We went to the new Mexican place (so so) and then to a matinee of True Grit.  Awesome movie!!  Best movie both of us have seen in a long time.  Then we had a bit of time to go to Home Depot and pick up some final finshers for the room and then out to the Double Decker for supper.  We were home in time to put the kids to bed and for mama to be in bed early too.  Funny how your dates change as you get older.

Thursday I had a doctors appointment.  They were running late again and I had to wait for an hour, but once again I was childless and had brought a book along so not all that bad.  I am now 38 1/2 weeks.  The heart rate was slower this time - about 137.  I only had gained 2 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks over Christmas (What the??).  The baby is still head down.  And she figures that it won't be as big as at least the last one.  Thank goodness.  I am measuring about 36-37 and should have been about 38 1/2.  She checked me and nothing is happening yet but this is not surprising as nothing ever did with the other two either.  She figures I won't be early but probably right around my date.  We will see. 

Scott is off this afternoon and will be putting the finishing touches on the room.  After that I will post pics.  Pam and Jer are coming for a visit this afternoon.  The rest of our New Years plans involve spaghetti supper and maybe a movie on the couch. 

In half of his Christmas Eve jammies and antlers of course!

Her Christmas eve jammies.  The girl loves Curious George!


Corina said...

oh my gosh - i'm counting down with you this week - you could be a mama by the weekend!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH can i come see you in the hospital? i'll leave the bambinos at home!

Meghan said...

I'm not counting down at all. I've had a nasty nasty cold since Friday. Yesterday Scott took me to doc and I'm on penicillin. I haven't been this sore and exhausted in forever and honestly hope the baby waits till I get a couple decent nights sleep in before it decides to come. UGH.

AND YES please come visit. Last time I just about went crazy from boredom.

Corina said...

me too! megs, its been terrible...what's up with all the illnesses this late in the game?!!? not fair i say. I hope the peniccilan kicks in sooN!