Thursday, November 18, 2010


So Christmas is coming and with that so is our baby.  I have 7 1/2 weeks left.  YIKES, where did the time go?  I had my doctors appointment and short of retaining some fluid everything went great!  My thyroid tested good, the babys heart rate was strong and I measured exactly where I was supposed to.  And my doctor told me that my baby wasn't going to be huge!  YAY.  I did the sugar test ( a couple weeks late I think, oops) and was still out of there in an hour.  It was awesome.

Scott has the room ripped apart and my little brother is coming to get some more done on it this weekend.  It's looking more like Sully might not be moving until Christmas but anytime before January will be ok.  I want to find the tubs with the itty bitty baby things and pull out the neutral items and get them washed up and ready. 

I am basically done Christmas shopping except for Scott, which will all be done online shortly.  My Christmas cards will be here on the weekend, so I can start addressing them and get them out beginning of December.  I am making a lasagna to freeze to eat on Christmas Eve.  And I am going to start Christmas baking next week.  My question is what does everybody make for Christmas baking?? I love to try new things but always make nuts and bolts (which isn't baking, but still) and shortbread.  I'm also going to make caramel corn this year for Scott.  I organized my recipes this week and came across my gramma's recipe and she was a great cook. 

I am still curling and that is going ok.  Not sure if I'll make it till the middle of December though.  I find at the end of the day my body is sore and tired.  If I try and take it easy all day it is bearable but we'll see how long I can go. 

Well I guess I better go change a diaper as Reese is yelling at her brother that he stinks to high heaven.  Gotta love her. 


Corina said...

Hey megs - I make nuts and bolts too - and then I was thinking of finding some fun cookie cutters and making stuff with Mia out of the shortbread. I haven't ever really done a tonne cause of Gerald, but I think we might some fun kiddie stuff - I like the idea of popcorn - I've never done that before/....would you be willing to share your grandmas' recipe?

June F. said...

My fav snack during the holidays is "Puppy Chow" Crispex cereal covered with melted chocolate chips & peanut butter, and dusted with icing sugar. Notice I didn't say "lightly" dusted. hehe

I can't believe you have less then 2 months left! Oh my gosh, time is flying! Glad to hear baby is doing good and you're hanging in there!

Okay you're done your shopping? Now you're making me feel bad. ;) Naw, good for you!

Meghan said...

Corina: I might do the cookie cutter shortbread too so that it is fun for Reese. And yes I will for sure post Gramma's recipe, keep an eye out for it.
June: I have had the puppy chow and it is good... might have to consider this one! Haven't seen you guys in sooo long ( I miss you!). We're having issues again around here and basically just getting by day to day. Hopefully we can make it out soon.