Friday, October 29, 2010


I was having difficulties with Reese and came across an article in a Parents magazine that was talking about "spirited" children.  Well I almost cried when I read some of the examples they gave and then they suggested this book for additional reading:

I was in Brandon on Monday, saw it and immediately bought it.  I am so glad I did. 

I can't even begin to explain what I was feeling before but maybe just that I didn't understand my little first born.  I am only about 1/3 of the way in and already I feel that now when she is doing something that used to make me mad I am now analyzing why she might be doing it.  Last night I was reading about introverts versus extroverts and I realized that she is an introvert like her daddy and I am most definitely an extrovert.  This means that in order for to get her energy and not completely melt down she needs to have time alone interspersed throughout the day.  She also needs more personal space, uninterrupted work time and time for reflection.  I was relaying this info on to Scott later last night and we began to see why when we plan big days and weekends with family why it usually ends with a major melt down and tears for both of us.  I also realized that she does not adapt easily or take well to new things.  These are not terrible things, but just things I need to help her learn how to deal with in ways that are socially acceptable.  It is not okay to hit Grandma because she is in your space and you have had too much stimulation... but if I can teach her to take a break when she needs one we can work on it together. 

I on the other hand being an extrovert also need things.  Above all this means time with people... and this doesn't mean little people.  I also need feedback and people to help me work out problems.  After reading about this I not only understand Reese a little more, but also Scott.  We are complete opposites and sometimes I don't understand why he has to go to his shop every night and be away from us.  But being an introvert he needs that time to recharge his batteries.  This is also why I need to still have my own activities that take me out of the house and into group activities with other adults.  

Basically all this blathering on is just to say that I am currently in love with this book.  I am having about 5 "A-HA" moments a day right now reading it.  A definite must have for those with a "spirited" child and a good read for every parent. 

TGIF and Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am 28 1/2 weeks pregnant.  The baby is now the size of a Chinese cabbage which I had to google to find out looks like this:

I am feeling pretty good.  The cold is almost gone.  The tailbone is bearable again.  And I am still exhausted.. which I'm sure is normal for a pregnant mother of 2! 

Reese has had 3 dance lessons and seems to be enjoying them.  We still have some issues with me not being in the gym with her (just outside the door isn't quite good enough apparently) but we are making head way.

Reese had her first day of preschool today.  I dropped her off and when she ran off I left.  Then on the stairs I heard, "I want Mommy".  I kept going and cried for 15 minutes.  Once I recovered I sat watching the clock waiting for the 2 and a half hours till  it was time to go pick her up... all the time hoping that she was having fun.  When I picked her up she just wanted to leave immediately.  She didn't tell me what she did or anything, just get me out of here.  We had planned to go out for lunch to celebrate her first day and we did, but boy was she grumpy.  After we got home she laid on the couch and watched cartoons for 45 minutes.  After that she seems to be doing a lot better.  Happier for sure.  So not sure what that means, but the teacher said she was good except for shouting out for mommy once in a while and not wanting to keep her shoes on.  So I guess it was a success.  We'll see how it goes next week. 

Some snaps of the kids Thanksgiving weekend.

Reese likes to do this pirate face now.  She says "Argh, I'm a pirate". 

Tonight we have a preschool meeting and toy cleaning.  So that is what I will be doing, rather than watching the ball game and Survivor on my couch in my comfy pants. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Funky Monkey

I am in a bit of a funk right now. 

I have a headache, a cold with a nasty cough for 2 weeks now, and my tail bone issue which still makes getting up from sitting pretty painful.  Oh and did I mention that every time I cough it hurts my tail bone....

Normally this wouldn't get me down, but then you add in two children.  One that is especially spirited.  I love her to pieces but I don't like the person she can make me become some days.  I was actually reading a Parents magazine a month ago and came across an article that talked about raising a spirited child.  It fit her a to a tee, and it made me feel better to read about other children that fight to wear shorts on a winter day only to take them off 2 minutes later.  I don't like that she can get me so agitated that I have to lock myself in a seperate room for 5 minutes and do deep breathing techniques.  I don't like that I say things that I thought I would never say to my child.  I don't like that at the end of the day sometimes I just can't be around her for a while. 

This mothering thing is hard.  And I'm scared to think about how I am going to handle 3 kids in January. 

Monday, October 04, 2010

Dancing, doctors, painting, movies, and a sore butt

Thursday was Reese's first dance class, she looked so cute.  She did not want me to leave though, so I spent the class by the door where she could see me.  I'm hoping that as she gets more familiar with it that I can leave the room. 

Thursday evening I gave Sullivan a hair cut.  This is him post hair cut.  Much better than the shaggy sheep dog he was before. 

The weekend started on Friday with a doctors appointment.  WHICH SUCKED!  First off I was up for 2 hours Thursday night, watching tv because I couldn't sleep.  Then I had to see a different doctor and I did not like him at all.  I had to wait for 2 hours (BOO).  2 trips to the lab (BOO).  4 lb weight gain in a month (YAY!).  Anterior placenta (BOO), which really isn't that big of a deal but the way he communicated it to me was poor.  He told me not to let my other 2 kids jump on me or play too rough as my placenta could seperate, or rupture!  Also he said that I wouldn't feel the movements the same, but I haven't noticed this.  Yikes.  I am measuring larger than I should be, like a week and a half (BOO).  Should be measuring about 25 1/2 and was measuring 27!  UGH.  And yet I am smaller than I was last time, so it must just be the way I'm carrying. 

Scott's mom and dad came and stayed with the kids for the day (YAY), so I didn't have to entertain them for this wonderful visit to the doctor. 

Saturday I was able to finish up the painting in the porch (minus some minor touch ups), played outside with the kids, and in general had a pretty good day.  Reese had set one of her little chairs behind me without my knowledge and I crouched down to paint and it cracked me right on my tailbone.  This sent me into a huge crying fit and I am still a little tender sitting down today.  Live and learn, always look behind you!!  We had my mom and dad over for supper and then settled in and watched the Hurt Locker. 

Yesterday I went to Brandon for a movie and supper with some girl friends.  I got home at 8 to a clean house, 2 clean kids tucked in and asleep for the night!  Ahh, bliss.  It was a wonderful relaxing day!  Thanks girls!

Today I am putting my porch back together again, making a batch of spaghetti sauce, doing laundry and a light cleaning downstairs.  Tomorrow my mom is taking Reese for the day and I am planning to fall clean her room while my helper is gone! 

Happy Monday everyone!!