Monday, September 27, 2010


This weekend turned out to be a little so-so.  I woke up Friday with a cold and did very little all day Friday trying to get rid of it.  Pam and Jeremy came out Friday night and I was already in bed when they got here, so that sucked.  I did get a good rest and felt a bit better Saturday which was good as Scott and I dropped off the kids at my mom and dad's and went to Winnipeg for the day.  Scott had some deals to make, parts to be picked up, etc, and I took the opportunity to score myself a couple long sleeved maternity shirts to get me through this last time.  We had a wonderful lunch at Nikos on Corydon - I would highly recommend this place if you're craving Greek food.  I found a few cheap shirts at Old Navy, grabbed a birthday present for the little brother, had a bite to eat and headed home. 
Reese had decided to wait up for us and so we had a few minor issues with getting her off to bed but all in all a pretty good day. 
Sunday morning, Reese punished us for getting away for a day and then we headed out to celebrate Morgan's birthday at my parents.  Around supper time, I got really nauseous and felt terrible so we booked it home early and I tried to recuperate yet again.

So not sure exactly what bug I caught this weekend but today I am feeling much better.  I just finished fall cleaning the living room and hope to get the third wall in the porch started yet today.  I really want to get the porch done this week and tomorrow we have Step 2 for Reese in the morning and then her first dance class tomorrow afternoon.  Friday I have a doctor's appointment so that doesn't leave me that much time. 

That's all for now.  Just waiting for the little monkey to wake up so we can head outside and enjoy this beautiful weather!!! 
Happy Monday everyone..... hope you are having a great trip Corina!!

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June F. said...

Glad to see you back at Blogging! I too have taken a bit of a break but maybe you'll inspire me to write again. I do have an idea for a post just have to take them time to get it down. Glad you're feeling better today and that dance class gave you a small reprieve. Too bad the girls are in different classes this year. :(