Monday, September 27, 2010


This weekend turned out to be a little so-so.  I woke up Friday with a cold and did very little all day Friday trying to get rid of it.  Pam and Jeremy came out Friday night and I was already in bed when they got here, so that sucked.  I did get a good rest and felt a bit better Saturday which was good as Scott and I dropped off the kids at my mom and dad's and went to Winnipeg for the day.  Scott had some deals to make, parts to be picked up, etc, and I took the opportunity to score myself a couple long sleeved maternity shirts to get me through this last time.  We had a wonderful lunch at Nikos on Corydon - I would highly recommend this place if you're craving Greek food.  I found a few cheap shirts at Old Navy, grabbed a birthday present for the little brother, had a bite to eat and headed home. 
Reese had decided to wait up for us and so we had a few minor issues with getting her off to bed but all in all a pretty good day. 
Sunday morning, Reese punished us for getting away for a day and then we headed out to celebrate Morgan's birthday at my parents.  Around supper time, I got really nauseous and felt terrible so we booked it home early and I tried to recuperate yet again.

So not sure exactly what bug I caught this weekend but today I am feeling much better.  I just finished fall cleaning the living room and hope to get the third wall in the porch started yet today.  I really want to get the porch done this week and tomorrow we have Step 2 for Reese in the morning and then her first dance class tomorrow afternoon.  Friday I have a doctor's appointment so that doesn't leave me that much time. 

That's all for now.  Just waiting for the little monkey to wake up so we can head outside and enjoy this beautiful weather!!! 
Happy Monday everyone..... hope you are having a great trip Corina!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh... I almost forgot

Sullivan is kind of walking.

He likes to just stand and then has been taking upwards of 10 steps at a time.  His balance is a little off but I'm sure it won't be long and he will be running!!

And the boy is a climber.  Ugh. 

I'm back... sorta.... maybe

So I'm back at least for an update.  Not sure what I want this blog to be but I am missing just sharing my day with someone.  And I am loving reading Corina's blog and keeping up with her daily doings so I figure if I want to read about her day, maybe somebody wants to read about mine.

So an update:

1)  I am 24 1/2 weeks pregnant.  Yikes, where does the time go.  Feeling alright, just tired and major arm issues.  I'm not as big this time so that is nice.  I am hopeful that this child will not be as hard on my back!!

2) Speaking of the little monkey... he is awesome.  An awesome little dude.  Happy, funny, adventurous, and no drama.  I can't tell you what that is worth somedays.  At his year shots he was 29 pounds (see above.. back and arm problems)!

3)  The little drama queen is good also.  We have been having some issues with her and not sure if it is a phase or what is going on.  It seems that everything in the world is about her.  I am constantly hearing, " I wants" all day long.  And sleeping has been shorter all summer long.  Hoping that with the shorter days and cooler weather that this straightens itself out.   She is registered for nursery school, but that isn't starting till the beginning of October.  And also for dance class, which starts next Tuesday.  I am hoping that a little time away from each other will do us both good. 

4)  We had a great garden this year.  I made cucumber relish, strawberry and peach jam, plum jam, spaghetti sauce and froze piles of apples.  In addition we ate tons of green beans, peas, and carrots fresh.  The kids really loved the garden and I love that they can learn about eating fresh, homegrown food!!

5)  I have a already started Fall cleaning ( not that I do Spring cleaning.... nor did I do either Fall or Spring last year) but this year I just feel I need to get it done before number 3 arrives in January.  I already have my kitchen done and have just started on the living room.  IN addition I thought it would be a good idea to redo the porch (see above back and arm issues).  Our porch is a crappy, ugly addition to out house, and although it is very practical and well used, it is ugly.  Did I mention that it is ugly??  So I brought out the paint and a makeover is under way!  It is already looking much better and that is exciting.   

6)  We are also going to be moving Sullivan by early December and that means completely redoing the last room in our house.  Currently it is daddy's music/book/junk room and he is in the process of cleaning it out.  We will need to drywall, re-insulate (100 year old house), mud, tape and paint.  I will be involved in the painting and decorating portion and am torn between a jungle theme.... with blues and browns or a guitar/music theme using stripes of brown, blue, orange and green.  I have to see what kind of accessories I can get before I make my final decision.

7)  With all going on and only 3 1/2 months left until the next spawn of satan is born, I am feeling overwhelmed with all I want to accomplish.  Once the Christmas season starts I know that nothing else will be done before the new monster arrives and that doesn't leave a ton of time.

Wow....  I guess I have missed blogging a bit!