Saturday, June 12, 2010

Houston we have a problem

Sullivan has started crawling!!   Which is great... but not as great as when CC started crawling because we were oblivious first time parents who didn't know what exactly that entailed. 
This morning, he took off after Barbie in her car and was met with a finger in his face and a very angry, "I'm going to hit you Sully".   This is going to be interesting indeed. 
Also he is WAY more interested in cords and drawers and doors.... must be a boy thing.  I definitely need to go around and baby proof again.  UGH.
Yesterday I took CC to the fair with Uncle Momo.  We had a great time despite the weather.  CC did really well on the rides and we ate "a lot of junk" as she put it. 
Tonight I'm going to see Sex and the City 2 with some girlfriends and dinner out without kids!! This makes me more excited than I can adequately express. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!