Friday, May 21, 2010

Pasta wtih Tomato Sauce

This recipe is so simple and so delicious.  We have made this a lot since we discovered it!

1 1/2 pints grape or cherry tomatoes
4 cloves of garlic
a small bunch of fresh basil
Pasta of your choice
salt and pepepr
olive oil
2 pats of butter
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
4 oz of parmesan

Cut the tomatoes in half or quarters.  Slice the garlic.  Chop the basil.  Grate the parmesan.  Or do it my way.  Buy the garlic in a jar, and the parmesan already grated! 

Heat fry pan over med. heat.  Add a couple lugs of olive oil and the garlic.  And the butter and let it melt.  When garlic starts to brown, add the tomatoes.  Give it a stir and add the basil, leaving some to garnish with.  Add the vinegar and season with s & p.  Cook your pasta.... we use capellini so it takes no time.   Drain the pasta reserving some cooking liquid.  Add the pasta to the frying pan with a splash of the cooking water and half of the Parmesan cheese.  Give it a stir.  Throw it in a serving bowl and top with the rest of the basil and Parmesan.

Done.  Delish!

Here is what ours looked like the other night.  Not sure if this photo does it justice but it comes fomr Jamie's Food Revolution cook book.



June F. said...

That looks great Meghan! I think we'd probably add some chicken for the man or shrimp even, but it sounds really good, and easy too. Thanks for sharing, and with a picture even. ;)

Meghan said...

Ya.. you know we haven't added shrimp or anything yet, but that would be good. Maybe I'll do that next time.

Laura said...

Yum! I love pasta, tomatoes, and basil! Perfect summer dish - I will be trying it! :)