Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Get in my belly

Yesterday was a good day for eating. 

It started with just a simple piece of whole wheat toast with light peanut butter.

Lunch was leftover pizza with mild italian turkey sausage and fresh arugula.  Yummy.

For supper we had spare ribs roasted in the oven with bbq sauce, leftover rice, steamed green beans, and sliced tomato.


A few of the items on the menu for the rest of the week are;

A pressed sandwich with bacon, spinach, mozza and tomato.

The leftover rib meat, pulled off the bones and made into some sort of a pulled pork sandwich... possibly in a whole wheat pita???

Pasta with chicken and sun-dried tomato cream sauce.    

What's everyone else eating this week????


Alexis Wilton said...

Nice Megs!
As I get my activity level up, I still struggle with the eating portion. I was doing well with the eating portion BEFORE I upped my activity. But, once I did that, my eating fell of the rails abit. We eat well, but my portions are off.
This is truly an inspiration - it's getting me motiviated!
Tonight, we're having homemade pizza, with artichoke, sundried tomoatoes and other veggies. Very yummy and nutritious. :)

Alexis Wilton said...

Weird - my account has be down as Alexis... This is actulaly Pamela. LOL - I need to fix that.

Corina said...

Yummy Alexis!! and Megs,
Okay, well here at chez Lepp we had pork roast in the slow cooker with an apple cider sauce which was yummy with leftover cabbage rolls and corn.
SO I'm thinking we are going to have the leftover roast for sammies or wraps (with maybe some tzakiki sauce?) and hopefully a BBQ ribs (I just got some with our meat order) with some grilled asparagus later this week. Alexis/Pamela - how do you buy your artichokes?IN a jar or fresh? I don't know how to cook/cut them when they are fresh?

Meghan said...

Alexis. ha ha, I like that!!

Corina... your pork sounds delicious. We don't eat very much pork around here... I find it hard to get pork that actually tastes good. We are working on finding farm raised stuff.

I buy the little jars of marinated artichoke hearts... no prep involved and easy to through in lots of stuff!!

Alexis Wilton said...

We do the marinated artichokes, too...
And, I have no idea why I'm Alexis?! I looked up my account and it says Pamela.