Thursday, May 06, 2010


What's everybody's feeling on these?  In Scott's family nicknames were huge.  So much so that I was very confused for a long time around them.  There was Josh, Crusher, and Boozie... and then both Scott's dad and their adopted Grandpa AND the dog were Dick. 

As you know, Reese has been CC for a long time now.  And it has stuck big time.  Even at play group and the like, everybody calls her CC.  That's fine, but daddy also has a set of nicknames for the kids.  CC is Bunta, and Sully is Banjo... add that to Boozie and you have one left out mama.  The other day they came up with one for me.... Beyoncee.  ha ha.

So this morning at one of our play groups the kids were to introduce themselves and their siblings.  Reese wouldn't say her name ( can you say grouchy!) but she did introduce her brother as Banjo!  Everyone had a good laugh but I didn't even try and explain our nicknames... I mean how do you explain our weird little family. 


June F. said...

Okay I totally understand! Maybe it's a "Scott" thing because my Scott's family is the same way... well his dad anyway has nicknames for everyone.

Me, I'm Jugsy (from an old Paramedic movie), and the kids are Bumpy, Miss Elly, and well the Mackster gets all the obvious ones. Big Mack, Mack attack, and Mackchak to name a few. Gotta love those inlaws!

Alexis Wilton said...

I think I've told you before, but Lisa was CeCe forever. It still comes up! It lessened when she abruptly corrected us: Her name is CeSa. LOL. That quickly turned into LIsa, and there you have it!
No nickname for me! Jere's seems to have a few... Oh, maybe my nickname will be Alexis - Alex for short?
(I'll figure it out - it's weird).

Meghan said...

Jugsy??? Ha ha ha. That is so funny. I'm glad that it's not just us!!!

Corina said...

Mia has nicknamed Winston "Winsty" and it's pretty cute - and we even catch ourselves saying it every now and then!

Sandy said...

LMAO. Cade's family is the same way with their nicknames. I don't get it but that's how they identify each other. Mack, Bean, Beattle, Lumpy, Quack, Red, to name a few.