Friday, May 21, 2010

Pasta wtih Tomato Sauce

This recipe is so simple and so delicious.  We have made this a lot since we discovered it!

1 1/2 pints grape or cherry tomatoes
4 cloves of garlic
a small bunch of fresh basil
Pasta of your choice
salt and pepepr
olive oil
2 pats of butter
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
4 oz of parmesan

Cut the tomatoes in half or quarters.  Slice the garlic.  Chop the basil.  Grate the parmesan.  Or do it my way.  Buy the garlic in a jar, and the parmesan already grated! 

Heat fry pan over med. heat.  Add a couple lugs of olive oil and the garlic.  And the butter and let it melt.  When garlic starts to brown, add the tomatoes.  Give it a stir and add the basil, leaving some to garnish with.  Add the vinegar and season with s & p.  Cook your pasta.... we use capellini so it takes no time.   Drain the pasta reserving some cooking liquid.  Add the pasta to the frying pan with a splash of the cooking water and half of the Parmesan cheese.  Give it a stir.  Throw it in a serving bowl and top with the rest of the basil and Parmesan.

Done.  Delish!

Here is what ours looked like the other night.  Not sure if this photo does it justice but it comes fomr Jamie's Food Revolution cook book.


Thursday, May 20, 2010


We finally have our garden in for the year.  I like to have a good variety but not tons of each thing.  Scott's biggest pet peeve is that I put more than one thing in a row.  But for instance, I don't want many radish, or green onions, or carrots.  So I put all of these in one row. 
I also planted some rhubarb (that I stole from Mom... this stuff cost ~ $17.00 for a tiny pot at the green house!) and strawberries.  I also threw in some potatoes, onions, peas, green beans, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, yellow and red peppers, 3 kinds of tomatoes and corn.

Holy guacamole, I am going to be busy.  CC is pretty pumped about the garden.  She wants to put a chair out in it and just sit.  She also asked me if we could grow hot dogs and yogurt. ha ha.  I love her enthusiasm and hope this will be a great way to teach her about food and eating fresh and healthy!

I have a recipe to share coming soon ( with pictures!).

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shrimp Fajitas

For supper tonight I made shrimp fajitas and they were delicious!

I just roughly "measure" things.

I started with onions, yellow pepper and olive oil.  Med. to high heat pan.  Added about a clove of garlic minced.  Threw in the shrimp. 

Then I seasoned with some paprika, chili powder and chipotle hot sauce.  With about a minute left of sizzle, I added the juice of 1 lime. 

Presto bango, instant supper. 

We ate ours with a bit of grated cheddar, sliced avacado and some salsa verde.

Thursday, May 06, 2010


What's everybody's feeling on these?  In Scott's family nicknames were huge.  So much so that I was very confused for a long time around them.  There was Josh, Crusher, and Boozie... and then both Scott's dad and their adopted Grandpa AND the dog were Dick. 

As you know, Reese has been CC for a long time now.  And it has stuck big time.  Even at play group and the like, everybody calls her CC.  That's fine, but daddy also has a set of nicknames for the kids.  CC is Bunta, and Sully is Banjo... add that to Boozie and you have one left out mama.  The other day they came up with one for me.... Beyoncee.  ha ha.

So this morning at one of our play groups the kids were to introduce themselves and their siblings.  Reese wouldn't say her name ( can you say grouchy!) but she did introduce her brother as Banjo!  Everyone had a good laugh but I didn't even try and explain our nicknames... I mean how do you explain our weird little family. 

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Get in my belly

Yesterday was a good day for eating. 

It started with just a simple piece of whole wheat toast with light peanut butter.

Lunch was leftover pizza with mild italian turkey sausage and fresh arugula.  Yummy.

For supper we had spare ribs roasted in the oven with bbq sauce, leftover rice, steamed green beans, and sliced tomato.


A few of the items on the menu for the rest of the week are;

A pressed sandwich with bacon, spinach, mozza and tomato.

The leftover rib meat, pulled off the bones and made into some sort of a pulled pork sandwich... possibly in a whole wheat pita???

Pasta with chicken and sun-dried tomato cream sauce.    

What's everyone else eating this week????

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Yesterday I may have bought a box of these sinful delights...

And then I may have ate 4 of them before I was even out of the parking lot.....

And then I may have had 6 more after supper.....

Oh dear.