Wednesday, April 07, 2010

This and that

Yesterday I went shopping. I had the kids along but also took my mama and my bro who I then ditched my kids on for an hour. I didn't expect much but isn't that the way it usually goes. I actually found some stuff that looked good! Yay for that. Anybody who has had a baby knows how hard this can be. After Reese I didn't buy anything unless I had to for a year. A couple of my purchases are below.

So bright for me. And the capris are a size 8. Did you hear that - a size 8!!!!!! I'm pretty thrilled. I've been working out 3-4- days a week, alternating running, zumba, and biking, and watching pretty closely what I eat. Yesterday was a great pay off for me for all of my hard work. I knew that I had broke my weight plateau, and that things were fitting pretty good, but it stills feel really damn good.

After getting home we made a delicious vegetarian supper from our Jamie Oliver Food Revolution recipe book ( Thanks Pam and Jer). We altered it a bit but made the easy tomatoe sauce and pasta. I will post the recipe later. So good and so simple!

Another thing I've been trying to do is make a little list of sorts. Things I'd like to accomplish before I turn 30 this August.
There are lists all over the internet like this. It's kind of a fun challenge but seeing as how most of these lists are 30 by 30 and seeing as how I'm a little late to the game, I'm going to do 10 by 30.

1. Run 5km.
2. Make a curry dish from scratch.
3. Watch all of the Godfather movies.
4. Attain my goal weight
5. Simplify my wardrobe and give away everything I no longer wear
6. Try fried green tomatoes
7. Take a family trip
8. Purchase an apron
9. Go on a picnic
10. Buy and wear skinny jeans

So far I've accomplished number 10. I've got a ways to go in 3 1/2 months.
Happy Friday !!!!!


June F. said...

Where did you get those cute shirts!? I just ordered one from sears that I'm seriously disappointed with and will be sending it back... Ughh, this post pregnancy weight is killing me! Good for you on the size 8, that's awesome!!

Meghan said...

I got them at Ricki's June. Cute and they are nice and forgiving in the tummy area!!!

June F. said...

Ya that's exactly what I need! LOL I missed looking at Ricki's when I went, I just did Reitmans but those shirts I bought seemed to have shrunk some.

Sandy said...

Awesome on the weight thing Meghan. Since moving to Killarney I put all the weight I lost after Makenna back on. I've decided to try Nancy's Zumba class, hope I can keep up. Sullivan has grown so much since I've seen you guys last and I sure do miss seeing Reese.

Meghan said...

We miss seeing you too!! And Reese misses harassing poor Makenna, lol.
I'm in Nancy's zumba class on Wednesday evenings. She's starting another 6 week class mid May. I already signed up!!! It's a blast, even though my hips don't really move like they're supposed to!

Sandy said...

I signed up for that class too! Now lets see if this goes as planned. Mom leaves the house, kids stay with Dad without screaming and putting up a huge fight.

Trust me, Makenna needs to be harassed. She's very good at doing it (to me) so it about time she gets a little back.

I don't know why but I just haven't had the urge to come to playgroup. I guess having to watch my kid like a hawk gets a little frustrating when I'm supposed to be getting some visiting/Mommy time while she "plays" with other kids.