Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh... I almost forgot

The kids!!!!
We have been spending so much time outside with all of this gorgeous weather. Being outside makes us all so happy!!! We are truly an outdoorsy family.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

This and that

Yesterday I went shopping. I had the kids along but also took my mama and my bro who I then ditched my kids on for an hour. I didn't expect much but isn't that the way it usually goes. I actually found some stuff that looked good! Yay for that. Anybody who has had a baby knows how hard this can be. After Reese I didn't buy anything unless I had to for a year. A couple of my purchases are below.

So bright for me. And the capris are a size 8. Did you hear that - a size 8!!!!!! I'm pretty thrilled. I've been working out 3-4- days a week, alternating running, zumba, and biking, and watching pretty closely what I eat. Yesterday was a great pay off for me for all of my hard work. I knew that I had broke my weight plateau, and that things were fitting pretty good, but it stills feel really damn good.

After getting home we made a delicious vegetarian supper from our Jamie Oliver Food Revolution recipe book ( Thanks Pam and Jer). We altered it a bit but made the easy tomatoe sauce and pasta. I will post the recipe later. So good and so simple!

Another thing I've been trying to do is make a little list of sorts. Things I'd like to accomplish before I turn 30 this August.
There are lists all over the internet like this. It's kind of a fun challenge but seeing as how most of these lists are 30 by 30 and seeing as how I'm a little late to the game, I'm going to do 10 by 30.

1. Run 5km.
2. Make a curry dish from scratch.
3. Watch all of the Godfather movies.
4. Attain my goal weight
5. Simplify my wardrobe and give away everything I no longer wear
6. Try fried green tomatoes
7. Take a family trip
8. Purchase an apron
9. Go on a picnic
10. Buy and wear skinny jeans

So far I've accomplished number 10. I've got a ways to go in 3 1/2 months.
Happy Friday !!!!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I've been lacking posts lately because our computer quit.
So what's been happening around here....
I took Reese to the fair. She loved it. We had to go to the petting zoo twice, and the big sandbox twice.
The sandbox where incidentally momma just about got into a fight. Funny story really... Reese was sitting playing and a little boy about 3 or 4 came and sat beside her. He didn't have a pail and Reese had two so I made her give him one. She kept stealing his toys and I kept going over and making her give them back. Then she stole his shovel and as I was getting up to go over and make her give it back, he pushed his pail over, got up and stormed off. I figured we'd had enough so we got out and were getting ready to leave when he came back with his mom. I heard her say, "which one", but seeing as how we had vacated the sandbox, we were able to avoid a confrontation. But seriously, at least I was sitting 3 feet away watching my kid... and what kind of 3 ish year old boy doesn't just take care of his own problem with a little bitty 2 year old??
Apart from that, we tried all sorts of "fair" food. Mini doughnuts, cotton candy, and popcorn. She totally enjoyed having the day all for herself with no baby brother along. It was a great day!

Sully's needles were middle of last week and he did great. Could it be because his thighs are almost as big as mine?? He weighed in at a whopping 26 lbs and 14 oz. Reese was about 19 when she was his age. He's going to be able to defend himself quite well I think.

Scott and i have started watching Food Revolution with chef Jamie Olive a couple Fridays ago. If you haven't seen it you should definitely check it out. He's going into schools in the States and trying to get kids to eat healthier. It isn't really about calories as much as about eating food that is real and not processed. In the spirit of this show, I have been trying even harder to do the same around here. Not saying we don't cheat and have a box of Kraft dinner and hotdogs once in a while but I'm trying hard to make avoid making pre-packaged crap.

Easter was great. We had great visits with everyone, had awesome food and the Easter bunny not only came to our house but also to both grand-parents house. My kids are spoiled!

That's all for now.