Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm back!!

Is anyone out there??

Okay, so I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth. I just had a baby and had nothing interesting to say. Not sure if I do yet but still I'm back.

Having two children has been interesting...

Reese is kind of potty trained. She's good with #1 but was holding it for days with #2. So now she asks for a pull up and does her business and then asks to be changed. I've given in until she's ready to do it on the potty because it isn't healthy for her to hold it as long as she was.
Her vocabulary is amazing and it's hilarious to listen to her talk and sing. Her new thing is wanting to pick her own clothes out and get dressed herself. This has made for some interesting fashion choices!

Sullivan is a huge chunk. He is about 26 lbs and has just recently started rolling. He's a super happy baby and adores his older sister. She can make him laugh like no other! He has such a hearty little laugh it is hilarious.

Apart from the kiddies, which let's face it is what my life is all about right now. I've been doing alright. I really want to try and talk about other things than just the kids here, so I might try and venture into other things I enjoy.

I'm doing ok with the weight loss - Back to where I was before Sullivan but I want to lose 10 more pounds. I have been using the exercise bike about 3 days a week and sit-ups, push-ups, planks, and other strength exercises when I can. I plan to start running again once the snow is gone and the road dries up. Hopefully this will help jump start my metabolism and get me past this plateau I've reached. I've subscribed to Women's Health magazine and if you haven't read it, it's a great magazine. Touches on lots of different things - exercise, healthy recipes, fashion and even a bit of raunchy topics. Recently we tried a new recipe out of it for salmon steaks with red wine butter. Quite simple, and pretty good. The quality of salmon steaks you can get around here is disappointing and honestly kind of killed the dish. Also I think the flavor of the red wine butter might go better with a steak.

I have been doing quite a bit of reading at night when the kids are in bed. Mostly light reads as I find by 9 at night that is all I can handle. A few you might want to check out if you're so inclined are:
Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen
The Help - Kathryn Stockett
The Book of Negroes - Lawrence Hill

That's all for now... I will try and update again soon.


June F. said...

I saw your blog name come up in my reader, and I thought "Hey, who is that now? I can't remember." LOL Glad to see you're back blogging, I just started again too. Good job on the exercising!!

Corina said...

Hey there,
Oh my gosh, Sullivan is so grown up and cute! I love him and little reese is so cute too.
I hear ya on the plateaus! I've been at mine for a few months...thinking of finding the running shoes and heading outside too. Let's stay in touch! maybe we will be motivation for each other. there is a girl here who is starting back March 15 - which is monday - running that is, I'm thinking of trying it out too - I'll let you know!