Friday, December 31, 2010

Dates, Doctors and Renos

Holidays are over and it's back to the grind.  Scott is off at noon today though and not working Monday so that will be nice. 

We worked hard through and around the holidays and by Tuesday Sullivan's new room was pretty much complete so we decided to take our final date day for quite some time I predict.   Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids for the day and we went to Brandon. We went to the new Mexican place (so so) and then to a matinee of True Grit.  Awesome movie!!  Best movie both of us have seen in a long time.  Then we had a bit of time to go to Home Depot and pick up some final finshers for the room and then out to the Double Decker for supper.  We were home in time to put the kids to bed and for mama to be in bed early too.  Funny how your dates change as you get older.

Thursday I had a doctors appointment.  They were running late again and I had to wait for an hour, but once again I was childless and had brought a book along so not all that bad.  I am now 38 1/2 weeks.  The heart rate was slower this time - about 137.  I only had gained 2 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks over Christmas (What the??).  The baby is still head down.  And she figures that it won't be as big as at least the last one.  Thank goodness.  I am measuring about 36-37 and should have been about 38 1/2.  She checked me and nothing is happening yet but this is not surprising as nothing ever did with the other two either.  She figures I won't be early but probably right around my date.  We will see. 

Scott is off this afternoon and will be putting the finishing touches on the room.  After that I will post pics.  Pam and Jer are coming for a visit this afternoon.  The rest of our New Years plans involve spaghetti supper and maybe a movie on the couch. 

In half of his Christmas Eve jammies and antlers of course!

Her Christmas eve jammies.  The girl loves Curious George!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

36 Weeks

Drum roll please....

36 weeks.  And looking very happy about it. 
 The new trick is to push the potty around and get an extra 6 inches of height. 

Scott getting super weird/ goofy pictures of both of them.  I have NO normal pictures of Reese for months now. 

At my doctor appointment yesterday she told me that the baby had flipped and was head down.  YAY.  And she isn't there next week, so while I am supposed to be going every week now, I have managed with the holidays to skip one and am just going on the 30th instead.  YAY!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


The baby is the size of a pineapple now.  Feels more like a small elephant when it gets moving this way and that but I guess a pineapple is close.

We have all been sick.  I figured out today that I haven't left the house since last Thursday.  A whole week... housebound.  Yikes!  We are venturing out for dance in an hour though so that will break the streak.  Let me tell you having the flu at 33 weeks pregnant is awful.  Absolutely awful.  My body hasn't been that sore since I had Sullivan.  I lost 3 pounds in 2 days.  I'm finally on the rebound though and so is everyone else.  No one escaped unscathed.

We are having major issues with Reese and pooping.  It's been very stressful and has affected everything, including her eating habits, her sleeping habits and her social skills.  Needless to say we went to the doctor this week regarding it and she did nothing.  To a person who has to endure her child screaming and yelling while trying to hold her poop in for 6 - 7 days it has been frustrating.  She has referred us to a pediatrician and though we will likely have to wait a couple months to get in, at least I am hopeful that if this is still going on, there might be a slight glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel.

Needless to say that with all of this going on, we have become reclusive.  Short of the activities that are necessary, such as preschool ( which is questionable at best) and dance (which she loves), we haven't been going anywhere.  I miss the play groups and seeing our friends.  I am hoping that things turn around here shortly and we can get back to at least some of these things.

The room is progressing very slowly.  With all of us getting sick it has delayed us yet again.  Also, as party of the reno, there was an old chimney that ran through that room and down into the kitchen from the attic.  We figured that now was the time to remove it, but was it ever a big, dirty job.  (Not that I did any of it, but still, I cleaned up the after effects!)  So we are now waiting till this weekend to finish demolishing the rest of the walls, framing in the closet and then hanging all of the dry wall.  After that, we are getting someone in to mud and tape for us and then I can paint and Scott can lay the new carpet down.  All before Christmas (said with fingers crossed).  I will try and take some pictures of it now, which is mid demo, and then when we are done so you can see the transformation. 

This morning, I finished my Christmas shopping.  Scott and I always do online lists and then just go there for everything.  Simple.  Half an hour and I was done.  What better way to spend a blustery day.   A chicken is in the oven roasting for supper and we just finished decorating the tree!  Small things to enjoy!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


So Christmas is coming and with that so is our baby.  I have 7 1/2 weeks left.  YIKES, where did the time go?  I had my doctors appointment and short of retaining some fluid everything went great!  My thyroid tested good, the babys heart rate was strong and I measured exactly where I was supposed to.  And my doctor told me that my baby wasn't going to be huge!  YAY.  I did the sugar test ( a couple weeks late I think, oops) and was still out of there in an hour.  It was awesome.

Scott has the room ripped apart and my little brother is coming to get some more done on it this weekend.  It's looking more like Sully might not be moving until Christmas but anytime before January will be ok.  I want to find the tubs with the itty bitty baby things and pull out the neutral items and get them washed up and ready. 

I am basically done Christmas shopping except for Scott, which will all be done online shortly.  My Christmas cards will be here on the weekend, so I can start addressing them and get them out beginning of December.  I am making a lasagna to freeze to eat on Christmas Eve.  And I am going to start Christmas baking next week.  My question is what does everybody make for Christmas baking?? I love to try new things but always make nuts and bolts (which isn't baking, but still) and shortbread.  I'm also going to make caramel corn this year for Scott.  I organized my recipes this week and came across my gramma's recipe and she was a great cook. 

I am still curling and that is going ok.  Not sure if I'll make it till the middle of December though.  I find at the end of the day my body is sore and tired.  If I try and take it easy all day it is bearable but we'll see how long I can go. 

Well I guess I better go change a diaper as Reese is yelling at her brother that he stinks to high heaven.  Gotta love her. 

Friday, October 29, 2010


I was having difficulties with Reese and came across an article in a Parents magazine that was talking about "spirited" children.  Well I almost cried when I read some of the examples they gave and then they suggested this book for additional reading:

I was in Brandon on Monday, saw it and immediately bought it.  I am so glad I did. 

I can't even begin to explain what I was feeling before but maybe just that I didn't understand my little first born.  I am only about 1/3 of the way in and already I feel that now when she is doing something that used to make me mad I am now analyzing why she might be doing it.  Last night I was reading about introverts versus extroverts and I realized that she is an introvert like her daddy and I am most definitely an extrovert.  This means that in order for to get her energy and not completely melt down she needs to have time alone interspersed throughout the day.  She also needs more personal space, uninterrupted work time and time for reflection.  I was relaying this info on to Scott later last night and we began to see why when we plan big days and weekends with family why it usually ends with a major melt down and tears for both of us.  I also realized that she does not adapt easily or take well to new things.  These are not terrible things, but just things I need to help her learn how to deal with in ways that are socially acceptable.  It is not okay to hit Grandma because she is in your space and you have had too much stimulation... but if I can teach her to take a break when she needs one we can work on it together. 

I on the other hand being an extrovert also need things.  Above all this means time with people... and this doesn't mean little people.  I also need feedback and people to help me work out problems.  After reading about this I not only understand Reese a little more, but also Scott.  We are complete opposites and sometimes I don't understand why he has to go to his shop every night and be away from us.  But being an introvert he needs that time to recharge his batteries.  This is also why I need to still have my own activities that take me out of the house and into group activities with other adults.  

Basically all this blathering on is just to say that I am currently in love with this book.  I am having about 5 "A-HA" moments a day right now reading it.  A definite must have for those with a "spirited" child and a good read for every parent. 

TGIF and Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am 28 1/2 weeks pregnant.  The baby is now the size of a Chinese cabbage which I had to google to find out looks like this:

I am feeling pretty good.  The cold is almost gone.  The tailbone is bearable again.  And I am still exhausted.. which I'm sure is normal for a pregnant mother of 2! 

Reese has had 3 dance lessons and seems to be enjoying them.  We still have some issues with me not being in the gym with her (just outside the door isn't quite good enough apparently) but we are making head way.

Reese had her first day of preschool today.  I dropped her off and when she ran off I left.  Then on the stairs I heard, "I want Mommy".  I kept going and cried for 15 minutes.  Once I recovered I sat watching the clock waiting for the 2 and a half hours till  it was time to go pick her up... all the time hoping that she was having fun.  When I picked her up she just wanted to leave immediately.  She didn't tell me what she did or anything, just get me out of here.  We had planned to go out for lunch to celebrate her first day and we did, but boy was she grumpy.  After we got home she laid on the couch and watched cartoons for 45 minutes.  After that she seems to be doing a lot better.  Happier for sure.  So not sure what that means, but the teacher said she was good except for shouting out for mommy once in a while and not wanting to keep her shoes on.  So I guess it was a success.  We'll see how it goes next week. 

Some snaps of the kids Thanksgiving weekend.

Reese likes to do this pirate face now.  She says "Argh, I'm a pirate". 

Tonight we have a preschool meeting and toy cleaning.  So that is what I will be doing, rather than watching the ball game and Survivor on my couch in my comfy pants. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Funky Monkey

I am in a bit of a funk right now. 

I have a headache, a cold with a nasty cough for 2 weeks now, and my tail bone issue which still makes getting up from sitting pretty painful.  Oh and did I mention that every time I cough it hurts my tail bone....

Normally this wouldn't get me down, but then you add in two children.  One that is especially spirited.  I love her to pieces but I don't like the person she can make me become some days.  I was actually reading a Parents magazine a month ago and came across an article that talked about raising a spirited child.  It fit her a to a tee, and it made me feel better to read about other children that fight to wear shorts on a winter day only to take them off 2 minutes later.  I don't like that she can get me so agitated that I have to lock myself in a seperate room for 5 minutes and do deep breathing techniques.  I don't like that I say things that I thought I would never say to my child.  I don't like that at the end of the day sometimes I just can't be around her for a while. 

This mothering thing is hard.  And I'm scared to think about how I am going to handle 3 kids in January. 

Monday, October 04, 2010

Dancing, doctors, painting, movies, and a sore butt

Thursday was Reese's first dance class, she looked so cute.  She did not want me to leave though, so I spent the class by the door where she could see me.  I'm hoping that as she gets more familiar with it that I can leave the room. 

Thursday evening I gave Sullivan a hair cut.  This is him post hair cut.  Much better than the shaggy sheep dog he was before. 

The weekend started on Friday with a doctors appointment.  WHICH SUCKED!  First off I was up for 2 hours Thursday night, watching tv because I couldn't sleep.  Then I had to see a different doctor and I did not like him at all.  I had to wait for 2 hours (BOO).  2 trips to the lab (BOO).  4 lb weight gain in a month (YAY!).  Anterior placenta (BOO), which really isn't that big of a deal but the way he communicated it to me was poor.  He told me not to let my other 2 kids jump on me or play too rough as my placenta could seperate, or rupture!  Also he said that I wouldn't feel the movements the same, but I haven't noticed this.  Yikes.  I am measuring larger than I should be, like a week and a half (BOO).  Should be measuring about 25 1/2 and was measuring 27!  UGH.  And yet I am smaller than I was last time, so it must just be the way I'm carrying. 

Scott's mom and dad came and stayed with the kids for the day (YAY), so I didn't have to entertain them for this wonderful visit to the doctor. 

Saturday I was able to finish up the painting in the porch (minus some minor touch ups), played outside with the kids, and in general had a pretty good day.  Reese had set one of her little chairs behind me without my knowledge and I crouched down to paint and it cracked me right on my tailbone.  This sent me into a huge crying fit and I am still a little tender sitting down today.  Live and learn, always look behind you!!  We had my mom and dad over for supper and then settled in and watched the Hurt Locker. 

Yesterday I went to Brandon for a movie and supper with some girl friends.  I got home at 8 to a clean house, 2 clean kids tucked in and asleep for the night!  Ahh, bliss.  It was a wonderful relaxing day!  Thanks girls!

Today I am putting my porch back together again, making a batch of spaghetti sauce, doing laundry and a light cleaning downstairs.  Tomorrow my mom is taking Reese for the day and I am planning to fall clean her room while my helper is gone! 

Happy Monday everyone!!

Monday, September 27, 2010


This weekend turned out to be a little so-so.  I woke up Friday with a cold and did very little all day Friday trying to get rid of it.  Pam and Jeremy came out Friday night and I was already in bed when they got here, so that sucked.  I did get a good rest and felt a bit better Saturday which was good as Scott and I dropped off the kids at my mom and dad's and went to Winnipeg for the day.  Scott had some deals to make, parts to be picked up, etc, and I took the opportunity to score myself a couple long sleeved maternity shirts to get me through this last time.  We had a wonderful lunch at Nikos on Corydon - I would highly recommend this place if you're craving Greek food.  I found a few cheap shirts at Old Navy, grabbed a birthday present for the little brother, had a bite to eat and headed home. 
Reese had decided to wait up for us and so we had a few minor issues with getting her off to bed but all in all a pretty good day. 
Sunday morning, Reese punished us for getting away for a day and then we headed out to celebrate Morgan's birthday at my parents.  Around supper time, I got really nauseous and felt terrible so we booked it home early and I tried to recuperate yet again.

So not sure exactly what bug I caught this weekend but today I am feeling much better.  I just finished fall cleaning the living room and hope to get the third wall in the porch started yet today.  I really want to get the porch done this week and tomorrow we have Step 2 for Reese in the morning and then her first dance class tomorrow afternoon.  Friday I have a doctor's appointment so that doesn't leave me that much time. 

That's all for now.  Just waiting for the little monkey to wake up so we can head outside and enjoy this beautiful weather!!! 
Happy Monday everyone..... hope you are having a great trip Corina!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh... I almost forgot

Sullivan is kind of walking.

He likes to just stand and then has been taking upwards of 10 steps at a time.  His balance is a little off but I'm sure it won't be long and he will be running!!

And the boy is a climber.  Ugh. 

I'm back... sorta.... maybe

So I'm back at least for an update.  Not sure what I want this blog to be but I am missing just sharing my day with someone.  And I am loving reading Corina's blog and keeping up with her daily doings so I figure if I want to read about her day, maybe somebody wants to read about mine.

So an update:

1)  I am 24 1/2 weeks pregnant.  Yikes, where does the time go.  Feeling alright, just tired and major arm issues.  I'm not as big this time so that is nice.  I am hopeful that this child will not be as hard on my back!!

2) Speaking of the little monkey... he is awesome.  An awesome little dude.  Happy, funny, adventurous, and no drama.  I can't tell you what that is worth somedays.  At his year shots he was 29 pounds (see above.. back and arm problems)!

3)  The little drama queen is good also.  We have been having some issues with her and not sure if it is a phase or what is going on.  It seems that everything in the world is about her.  I am constantly hearing, " I wants" all day long.  And sleeping has been shorter all summer long.  Hoping that with the shorter days and cooler weather that this straightens itself out.   She is registered for nursery school, but that isn't starting till the beginning of October.  And also for dance class, which starts next Tuesday.  I am hoping that a little time away from each other will do us both good. 

4)  We had a great garden this year.  I made cucumber relish, strawberry and peach jam, plum jam, spaghetti sauce and froze piles of apples.  In addition we ate tons of green beans, peas, and carrots fresh.  The kids really loved the garden and I love that they can learn about eating fresh, homegrown food!!

5)  I have a already started Fall cleaning ( not that I do Spring cleaning.... nor did I do either Fall or Spring last year) but this year I just feel I need to get it done before number 3 arrives in January.  I already have my kitchen done and have just started on the living room.  IN addition I thought it would be a good idea to redo the porch (see above back and arm issues).  Our porch is a crappy, ugly addition to out house, and although it is very practical and well used, it is ugly.  Did I mention that it is ugly??  So I brought out the paint and a makeover is under way!  It is already looking much better and that is exciting.   

6)  We are also going to be moving Sullivan by early December and that means completely redoing the last room in our house.  Currently it is daddy's music/book/junk room and he is in the process of cleaning it out.  We will need to drywall, re-insulate (100 year old house), mud, tape and paint.  I will be involved in the painting and decorating portion and am torn between a jungle theme.... with blues and browns or a guitar/music theme using stripes of brown, blue, orange and green.  I have to see what kind of accessories I can get before I make my final decision.

7)  With all going on and only 3 1/2 months left until the next spawn of satan is born, I am feeling overwhelmed with all I want to accomplish.  Once the Christmas season starts I know that nothing else will be done before the new monster arrives and that doesn't leave a ton of time.

Wow....  I guess I have missed blogging a bit!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Houston we have a problem

Sullivan has started crawling!!   Which is great... but not as great as when CC started crawling because we were oblivious first time parents who didn't know what exactly that entailed. 
This morning, he took off after Barbie in her car and was met with a finger in his face and a very angry, "I'm going to hit you Sully".   This is going to be interesting indeed. 
Also he is WAY more interested in cords and drawers and doors.... must be a boy thing.  I definitely need to go around and baby proof again.  UGH.
Yesterday I took CC to the fair with Uncle Momo.  We had a great time despite the weather.  CC did really well on the rides and we ate "a lot of junk" as she put it. 
Tonight I'm going to see Sex and the City 2 with some girlfriends and dinner out without kids!! This makes me more excited than I can adequately express. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pasta wtih Tomato Sauce

This recipe is so simple and so delicious.  We have made this a lot since we discovered it!

1 1/2 pints grape or cherry tomatoes
4 cloves of garlic
a small bunch of fresh basil
Pasta of your choice
salt and pepepr
olive oil
2 pats of butter
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
4 oz of parmesan

Cut the tomatoes in half or quarters.  Slice the garlic.  Chop the basil.  Grate the parmesan.  Or do it my way.  Buy the garlic in a jar, and the parmesan already grated! 

Heat fry pan over med. heat.  Add a couple lugs of olive oil and the garlic.  And the butter and let it melt.  When garlic starts to brown, add the tomatoes.  Give it a stir and add the basil, leaving some to garnish with.  Add the vinegar and season with s & p.  Cook your pasta.... we use capellini so it takes no time.   Drain the pasta reserving some cooking liquid.  Add the pasta to the frying pan with a splash of the cooking water and half of the Parmesan cheese.  Give it a stir.  Throw it in a serving bowl and top with the rest of the basil and Parmesan.

Done.  Delish!

Here is what ours looked like the other night.  Not sure if this photo does it justice but it comes fomr Jamie's Food Revolution cook book.


Thursday, May 20, 2010


We finally have our garden in for the year.  I like to have a good variety but not tons of each thing.  Scott's biggest pet peeve is that I put more than one thing in a row.  But for instance, I don't want many radish, or green onions, or carrots.  So I put all of these in one row. 
I also planted some rhubarb (that I stole from Mom... this stuff cost ~ $17.00 for a tiny pot at the green house!) and strawberries.  I also threw in some potatoes, onions, peas, green beans, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, yellow and red peppers, 3 kinds of tomatoes and corn.

Holy guacamole, I am going to be busy.  CC is pretty pumped about the garden.  She wants to put a chair out in it and just sit.  She also asked me if we could grow hot dogs and yogurt. ha ha.  I love her enthusiasm and hope this will be a great way to teach her about food and eating fresh and healthy!

I have a recipe to share coming soon ( with pictures!).

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shrimp Fajitas

For supper tonight I made shrimp fajitas and they were delicious!

I just roughly "measure" things.

I started with onions, yellow pepper and olive oil.  Med. to high heat pan.  Added about a clove of garlic minced.  Threw in the shrimp. 

Then I seasoned with some paprika, chili powder and chipotle hot sauce.  With about a minute left of sizzle, I added the juice of 1 lime. 

Presto bango, instant supper. 

We ate ours with a bit of grated cheddar, sliced avacado and some salsa verde.

Thursday, May 06, 2010


What's everybody's feeling on these?  In Scott's family nicknames were huge.  So much so that I was very confused for a long time around them.  There was Josh, Crusher, and Boozie... and then both Scott's dad and their adopted Grandpa AND the dog were Dick. 

As you know, Reese has been CC for a long time now.  And it has stuck big time.  Even at play group and the like, everybody calls her CC.  That's fine, but daddy also has a set of nicknames for the kids.  CC is Bunta, and Sully is Banjo... add that to Boozie and you have one left out mama.  The other day they came up with one for me.... Beyoncee.  ha ha.

So this morning at one of our play groups the kids were to introduce themselves and their siblings.  Reese wouldn't say her name ( can you say grouchy!) but she did introduce her brother as Banjo!  Everyone had a good laugh but I didn't even try and explain our nicknames... I mean how do you explain our weird little family. 

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Get in my belly

Yesterday was a good day for eating. 

It started with just a simple piece of whole wheat toast with light peanut butter.

Lunch was leftover pizza with mild italian turkey sausage and fresh arugula.  Yummy.

For supper we had spare ribs roasted in the oven with bbq sauce, leftover rice, steamed green beans, and sliced tomato.


A few of the items on the menu for the rest of the week are;

A pressed sandwich with bacon, spinach, mozza and tomato.

The leftover rib meat, pulled off the bones and made into some sort of a pulled pork sandwich... possibly in a whole wheat pita???

Pasta with chicken and sun-dried tomato cream sauce.    

What's everyone else eating this week????

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Yesterday I may have bought a box of these sinful delights...

And then I may have ate 4 of them before I was even out of the parking lot.....

And then I may have had 6 more after supper.....

Oh dear. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh... I almost forgot

The kids!!!!
We have been spending so much time outside with all of this gorgeous weather. Being outside makes us all so happy!!! We are truly an outdoorsy family.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

This and that

Yesterday I went shopping. I had the kids along but also took my mama and my bro who I then ditched my kids on for an hour. I didn't expect much but isn't that the way it usually goes. I actually found some stuff that looked good! Yay for that. Anybody who has had a baby knows how hard this can be. After Reese I didn't buy anything unless I had to for a year. A couple of my purchases are below.

So bright for me. And the capris are a size 8. Did you hear that - a size 8!!!!!! I'm pretty thrilled. I've been working out 3-4- days a week, alternating running, zumba, and biking, and watching pretty closely what I eat. Yesterday was a great pay off for me for all of my hard work. I knew that I had broke my weight plateau, and that things were fitting pretty good, but it stills feel really damn good.

After getting home we made a delicious vegetarian supper from our Jamie Oliver Food Revolution recipe book ( Thanks Pam and Jer). We altered it a bit but made the easy tomatoe sauce and pasta. I will post the recipe later. So good and so simple!

Another thing I've been trying to do is make a little list of sorts. Things I'd like to accomplish before I turn 30 this August.
There are lists all over the internet like this. It's kind of a fun challenge but seeing as how most of these lists are 30 by 30 and seeing as how I'm a little late to the game, I'm going to do 10 by 30.

1. Run 5km.
2. Make a curry dish from scratch.
3. Watch all of the Godfather movies.
4. Attain my goal weight
5. Simplify my wardrobe and give away everything I no longer wear
6. Try fried green tomatoes
7. Take a family trip
8. Purchase an apron
9. Go on a picnic
10. Buy and wear skinny jeans

So far I've accomplished number 10. I've got a ways to go in 3 1/2 months.
Happy Friday !!!!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I've been lacking posts lately because our computer quit.
So what's been happening around here....
I took Reese to the fair. She loved it. We had to go to the petting zoo twice, and the big sandbox twice.
The sandbox where incidentally momma just about got into a fight. Funny story really... Reese was sitting playing and a little boy about 3 or 4 came and sat beside her. He didn't have a pail and Reese had two so I made her give him one. She kept stealing his toys and I kept going over and making her give them back. Then she stole his shovel and as I was getting up to go over and make her give it back, he pushed his pail over, got up and stormed off. I figured we'd had enough so we got out and were getting ready to leave when he came back with his mom. I heard her say, "which one", but seeing as how we had vacated the sandbox, we were able to avoid a confrontation. But seriously, at least I was sitting 3 feet away watching my kid... and what kind of 3 ish year old boy doesn't just take care of his own problem with a little bitty 2 year old??
Apart from that, we tried all sorts of "fair" food. Mini doughnuts, cotton candy, and popcorn. She totally enjoyed having the day all for herself with no baby brother along. It was a great day!

Sully's needles were middle of last week and he did great. Could it be because his thighs are almost as big as mine?? He weighed in at a whopping 26 lbs and 14 oz. Reese was about 19 when she was his age. He's going to be able to defend himself quite well I think.

Scott and i have started watching Food Revolution with chef Jamie Olive a couple Fridays ago. If you haven't seen it you should definitely check it out. He's going into schools in the States and trying to get kids to eat healthier. It isn't really about calories as much as about eating food that is real and not processed. In the spirit of this show, I have been trying even harder to do the same around here. Not saying we don't cheat and have a box of Kraft dinner and hotdogs once in a while but I'm trying hard to make avoid making pre-packaged crap.

Easter was great. We had great visits with everyone, had awesome food and the Easter bunny not only came to our house but also to both grand-parents house. My kids are spoiled!

That's all for now.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Turkey Lurkey

Last Friday I decided to make turkey burgers. Neither of us had ever had them and I was curious so I went to a food blog that I read and searched and found this recipe for Spicy grilled turkey burgers with coleslaw.

Spicy Grilled Turkey Burger with Coleslaw

They were amazing. I will definitely make these again. I thought it was interesting how much lighter they were than regular ground beef burgers. They reminded me of summer. I served them alongside baked homemade french fries which were a big hit with CC.

We were in Winnipeg this past weekend and we were able to get some foods that we aren't able to get here. We stocked up on some arugula, fresh herbs, polenta, and some italian sausage that jumped out at Scott. Last night we used up my other pizza crust I had froze and made an italian sausage and arugula pizza. I still have piles of arugula left and will be trying to find things to make so I can use every last leaf up. I have been wanting to make an arugula pesto sauce so I will keep you posted.

I had a wonderful lunch with the most wonderful ladies at the Falafel Place. It was my introduction to falafel and I loved it. I will definitely be going back. At lunch we were able to talk about many things and we cemented our plans to partake in the YMCA's Annual Spring Run at the end of May. It will be a fun thing to do with the "30" girls and a little challenge to stroke off the life list.

Speaking of life lists... my SIL convinced me to purchase my very first pair of skinny jeans. Yikes. I've always wondered if I could pull them off and on Saturday night I finally rocked them... I think. ha ha.

This being the year of the big 3-0, I'm going to try and challenge myself to do things I normally wouldn't. Any suggestions?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Monday

Things I love this dreary Monday morning;

  • My daughter calling her glo-worm "baby" Kara Shaka. It took my mom to realize she was trying to say Frere Jacques.
  • I'm down another 3 pounds!! Only 7 more to go to get to my goal weight.
  • I start Zumba class this Wednesday.
  • Short of snow, I'm dusting off my running shoes today and going to hit the road.
  • Scott is getting a broken tooth fixed this afternoon and is coming home right after, probably at least 1 1/2 hours earlier than usual! Boo to a broken tooth but yeah for being able to go and get groceries by myself.
  • A nice strong cup of java.
  • Being done vacuuming, breakfast dishes and a load of laundry already this morning.
  • A big gummy smile from a handsome man in the exersaucer.
  • A girl with attitude watching Sesame Street and Curious George pretty quietly.
Happy Monday to everybody!! What are you happy about today??

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's for Dinner Tonight

Last night I made pizza, but rather than making just a boring plain old ham and pineapple, which is pretty common around here I decided to make a spinach and artichoke pizza. It turned out delicious.

It started out with my basic pizza dough recipe which I love and is really simple.

2 1/2 cups to 3 cups all purpose flour
1 pkg quick rising yeast ( The jar says this is 2 1/4 tsp)
3/4 tsp salt
1 cup hot water
2 tbsp olive oil

Mix 2 cups flour, yeast and salt in a bowl. Stir hot water and olive oil together and mix into flour mixture. Gradually stir in enough of the remaining flour to make a stiff dough. Knead until smooth and elastic. Shape dough into ball, cover and let rise 10 minutes.

*This dough can be refigerated up to 8 hours or frozen for up to one month ( thaw in refigerator).


1/2 can marinated artichoke hearts
3 cups fresh spinach
3 cloves of garlic
Olive oil

Heat pan on medium heat, add olive oil, garlic and spinach and cook until greens are wilted. Stir in chopped artichokes and about 2 tbsp of the juice. Cook until heated through and some of the liquid has cooked off.

Roll the crust out and put it on a pan. This recipe will make two 12 inch pizzas if rolled out fairly thin. Then rub the crust with a small amount of olive oil and sprinkle some finely chopped basil. Add grated mozza and then spinach and artichoke topping. Finish with some sliced roasted red peppers.

Crumble on some feta before serving.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm back!!

Is anyone out there??

Okay, so I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth. I just had a baby and had nothing interesting to say. Not sure if I do yet but still I'm back.

Having two children has been interesting...

Reese is kind of potty trained. She's good with #1 but was holding it for days with #2. So now she asks for a pull up and does her business and then asks to be changed. I've given in until she's ready to do it on the potty because it isn't healthy for her to hold it as long as she was.
Her vocabulary is amazing and it's hilarious to listen to her talk and sing. Her new thing is wanting to pick her own clothes out and get dressed herself. This has made for some interesting fashion choices!

Sullivan is a huge chunk. He is about 26 lbs and has just recently started rolling. He's a super happy baby and adores his older sister. She can make him laugh like no other! He has such a hearty little laugh it is hilarious.

Apart from the kiddies, which let's face it is what my life is all about right now. I've been doing alright. I really want to try and talk about other things than just the kids here, so I might try and venture into other things I enjoy.

I'm doing ok with the weight loss - Back to where I was before Sullivan but I want to lose 10 more pounds. I have been using the exercise bike about 3 days a week and sit-ups, push-ups, planks, and other strength exercises when I can. I plan to start running again once the snow is gone and the road dries up. Hopefully this will help jump start my metabolism and get me past this plateau I've reached. I've subscribed to Women's Health magazine and if you haven't read it, it's a great magazine. Touches on lots of different things - exercise, healthy recipes, fashion and even a bit of raunchy topics. Recently we tried a new recipe out of it for salmon steaks with red wine butter. Quite simple, and pretty good. The quality of salmon steaks you can get around here is disappointing and honestly kind of killed the dish. Also I think the flavor of the red wine butter might go better with a steak.

I have been doing quite a bit of reading at night when the kids are in bed. Mostly light reads as I find by 9 at night that is all I can handle. A few you might want to check out if you're so inclined are:
Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen
The Help - Kathryn Stockett
The Book of Negroes - Lawrence Hill

That's all for now... I will try and update again soon.