Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oh baby...

So today my baby girl is wearing pull ups. This comes about after much discussion, irregular use of the potty and oh yeah... after constantly mangling her diaper every night and then yesterday taking it off after a poopy and it dragging around in her pant leg. Oh and then she ripped off her diaper last night and had pee everywhere! Oy!
So today we gave the big girl diapers a shot and hopefully try and get her going more and more on the potty.
She has been especially trying lately with sleeping habits and hating all things daddy. The girl is still being rocked to sleep and then often and more so with daddy will wake up and scream and shout after being put in her crib. Last night this went on with daddy for 1 and a half hours! And then I had to intervene and that took me half an hour. So if you wonder what we're busy with in the evenings, that just about kills it. Anywho, after screaming for 15 minutes and making herself barf, I finally calmed her down and put her to bed. Speaking of which her big girl room is just waiting for finishing touches and then she will be moving... which will be wonderful with the way things have been going. She napped in her big girl bed on the weekend and did quite well.
I'm not exactly sure what is wrong with her. She has been getting her eye teeth for at least a month now and I cannot quite express into words how jealous I am of people who's children just pop those teeth out fairly quickly and painlessly.
Then there is her inexplicable intolerance for daddy lately. Like honestly the man cannot do anything right. She just yells at him and kicks and fights if he tries to do anything for her. I am still waiting for the daddy's girl stage to kick in.

I think that the teething, combined with a saucy almost 2 year old seems to be our problem, but it is taking all of our patience to tolerate somedays.
On a positive note, she is stringing words together and loves to rhyme right now. She loves Nana banana, daddy baddy, mommy bummy and a couple of her favorite expressions right now are hot tamale and sad baby.

Apart from that all goodness - I only have 30 work days left!!