Friday, May 01, 2009

WTF?? May??

So April this year quite literally flew by. With combined convention and holidays, I only worked 11 days last month. HA HA SUCKERS

So we went on our trip to San Fran... leaving the little monster behind with my parents. I'm glad we left her but not anxious to do it again anytime soon. Last time we left her was a year ago and that was so much easier. This time it pretty much broke my heart. I phoned twice from San Fran and when I heard her little voice say mama, well it was quite emotional.
But back to the trip.... it started out a little rocky. Our flight didn't leave until 4:50 so we had ample time to get into the city, have lunch with Jill, and squeeze in a little last minute shopping. Or at least so I thought. We met Jill at 1, had lunch and proceeded to the last item on the list... shopping. Well it went a little better than I thought it would and at 3:30 we were making a mad dash for the airport. Oops.

Jill did a great job of rushing us there, and we arrived at 3:55. This is the point where we try to check in and are told that we missed the flight. Uh yeah.... my gut wrenched. So Scott did some b.s. story about coming in from the country (aw schucks) and all of the flooding, blah, blah. All of sudden we're being checked in. Until we find out that stupid me booked the flight with the married name and the passport is still missing the addition. Oopsies again. So after a big lecture on that, followed by a "good luck getting home" comment, we were on our way.

The flight to Minneapolis was only an hour, yay!, but with the sinus cold that was still not quite gone, I had major issues with my ears, and ended up feeling like my eyeball was going to pop out of my head. Once landed we had 3 hours to kill before the flight to San Fran. I couldn't hear fro the first hour of it, but we managed to sit down for a good meal, watch some baseball and then settle in and wait. Our flight to San Fran was uneventful. 3 and a half hours, which normally isn't too long, but my back ached and I couldn't sleep. We got into San Fran, 11:15 p.m. local time which translated to 1:15 a.m. our time. We had to run through the airport to catch the last subway ride to our hotel. The subway experience was good, contrary to my preconcieved notions ( which involve being mugged, shot, or some other idea that t.v. has planted in my subconscious).
Our hotel was lovely, although would have been a whole lot quieter if by chance we would have noticed the air vents were open the whole time ( minus one night) we were there.

So while there, we crammed a lot of activities into the 4 days. Lots of walking and every form of public transportation available including the subway, the bus, the muni-rail, the cable cars.
We took in the Haight-Ashbury area, Union Square ( where we stayed), the financial district, China town, Nob Hill, Tenderloin area and of course Fisherman's Wharf. We went to a ball game where Scott caught a practise ball, took the ferry to Sausilito, went to Alcatraz island, went to the aquarium, and went to a Black Keyes concert in the Fox Theatre in Oakland. The ball game was good, although freezing cold! Alcatraz was surprisingly good for me. They had an audio tour you took and it was very entertaining. Sausilito was a lovely little community that was very charming and had the best pizza lunch. China town was very quaint although disturbingly stinky. The concert in Oakland was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!! The Fox Theatre was a gorgeous venue and even the lesbian girlfriends who wanted to fight couldn't ruin the fantastic music we heard. I could go on and on about the delicious food we ingested but I don't think I have enough time. We ate A LOT. Let's leave it at that.
All in all an excellent trip and a much better flight home. I missed my little girl so much and was pumped to see her. This week, I was away for a couple of nights to Brandon and Reese is really getting wary every time she sees my suitcase. It's time now to stay home for awhile and get some lawn work done.

The ball park.

Scott at the ball park.


Basically frozen at this point.

Reflecting on how awesome his life is. tee hee

Drunk as usual. hee hee

Alcatraz island.

The aquarium.

I loved these guys at Fisherman's Wharf. (that was basically the only thing I did love about that place)

My virgin margarita was a wee bit tart.

See my comment above!


Pamela said...

What a sweet vacation, despite the rough beginning! Plus, I feel very honoured to have held the practice baseball. :)

You guys so cute.


Corina said...

sounds like I need to put San Fran on the Bucket List!

June F. said...

Looks like you had a fun time, Love the Margarita pic!! :) LOL