Friday, May 22, 2009

93 days to go

The countdown has begun. I'm not in as big of a rush this time around although I would like to see this kid come on its own around my due date. I am however counting down the days until I'm done work - 77, which includes weekends and holidays. Only 42 actual work days left. YAHOO.

In the meantime, this precious little girl of mine is keeping me busy.

She is such a little tomboy right now - loves being outside, loves playing with her tractors in the mud, picking rocks, helping mommy plant and water things. She also loves going for rides on daddy's tractors, or even with mommy for little rides on the lawnmower. Most evenings we have to forcibly bring her inside and make her have a bath. She also likes to watch baseball and recently received her first pink baseball glove and ball from Uncle MoMo. Not sure how the pink glove will coordinate with her Cleveland Indians bat though.....

She's gotten much better at giving big hugs that just make you want to never let go and will give kisses much more readily, especially if she thinks you're sad. I love to see that tender side of her.

She has little tolerance and patience and will tell (yell) you to stop, or don't and last night I even noticed her yelling these things at the dogs. She is stubborn and likes things just so and has quite the temper should things not go her way.

She is funny and smart and bright and I couldn't have wished for a better little girl to be a part of my life.


Corina said...

Haha - this so funny - Reese and Mia sound like total opposites. Mia carries around purses and won't go step in the mud and until recently was too scared to go on quad rides at the farm. And she loves clothes and is always saying everything is NICE, nice! So funny how they can be so different! Cute pics Megs...I"ll be counting down for ya!

ka said...

She sounds EXACTLY like her father. Goodness knows her mother is very go-with-the-flow. Tee hee.

It is certainly fun to watch more and more personality come out!