Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So Easter this year was pretty awesome. I had told Reese that the bunny was coming and that he would bring candy and wouldn't you know, every morning that is the first thing she said to me.

** On a side note.. did I mention that she went poop and pee on the potty a week ago.... YAY! And boo... because she has had no interest since despite constant harassement by mommy and daddy. While changing a rather disgusting diaper yesterday I asked her when she was going to go on the potty. Soon... she replied. Stinker.

So anywho... back to Easter. Saturday we went to C. City for Scott's side. Unfortunately I was still fighting a cold and then we had a good fight to get Reese down for a nap, which resulted in the old rocking chair collapsing and sending me and Reese against the side of the crib. Being the maternal beast that I am, I bravely took the brunt of the impact on my jaw and neck. Lovely. The rest of the day, I just concentrated on getting through. Reese had a lovely time though. She loves gamma and her crazy songs she sings to her. She received some lovely non-chocolatey gifts and we were home in time for a decent bed time.

Modelling her new Dora gardening gloves from Lee & Jill.

Sunday, we wook up to find that indeed the bunny had come to our house. Ceecee didn't even make it down the stairs before she noticed the eggs and of course her new bike in the middle of the floor. Boy is that Easter bunny smart, because she loves that new bike. She did eventually go looking for the eggs and by 10 am we had an extremely wired girl on our hands. We spent the afternoon at Nana and Poppa's and that went remarkably well and without chair crashing incidents. Once again a spoiled little girl.

Loving her new wheels.

Me new golf partner in the making.

Hmmmm... whatch you got??

Lovin his favorite auntie!


Pamela said...

What adorable little pictures! I love them!

Can't wait to see you kids... soon, I hope. :)

Corina said...

Wow - what a great Easter! Does Reese like Dora...Mia is obssessed with her...every where we go we see pics of Dora and she says "dodo" "dodo". It's pretty cute considering we don't even get Dora the Explorer on our tv and I've never seen it!

ka said...

Oh my gosh is your little nephew ever big! Craziness! This is al absolute insanity how fast they grow!

Oh, and sounds like your Easter Bunny kicked butt over Scarlett's. She got 4 plastic eggs filled with Cheerios on her tray. What a fun guy that Bunny is, eh?