Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Does life get any better?

* I weighed myself this morning and haven't gained a single pound in a month.... So I think I'm gaining baby and losing a little bit of me! YAY!! Plus I'm right on track this time with how much weight I'm "supposed" to gain!
* I washed the van last night and the sliding door on Reese's side wasn't froze shut this morning! ( Which saved me lugging a 25lb struggling child through the opposite door and dead lifting her into her car seat)
* Rocking out with CeeCee to "Welcome to the Jungle" on the way to work this morning.
* The moderate weather and the sun shining.
* 9 more days to our vacay!!!
* 4 day weekend approaching very quickly.
* Supper out tonight with the curling ladies for our wind up


Corina said...

Hi! Way to go Megs - sounds like everything is rocking!! Glad to hear that you are feeling and looking good!

ka said...

I agree. Something about it seeming like spring may actually spring at some point just puts everything in a brighter light!