Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So Easter this year was pretty awesome. I had told Reese that the bunny was coming and that he would bring candy and wouldn't you know, every morning that is the first thing she said to me.

** On a side note.. did I mention that she went poop and pee on the potty a week ago.... YAY! And boo... because she has had no interest since despite constant harassement by mommy and daddy. While changing a rather disgusting diaper yesterday I asked her when she was going to go on the potty. Soon... she replied. Stinker.

So anywho... back to Easter. Saturday we went to C. City for Scott's side. Unfortunately I was still fighting a cold and then we had a good fight to get Reese down for a nap, which resulted in the old rocking chair collapsing and sending me and Reese against the side of the crib. Being the maternal beast that I am, I bravely took the brunt of the impact on my jaw and neck. Lovely. The rest of the day, I just concentrated on getting through. Reese had a lovely time though. She loves gamma and her crazy songs she sings to her. She received some lovely non-chocolatey gifts and we were home in time for a decent bed time.

Modelling her new Dora gardening gloves from Lee & Jill.

Sunday, we wook up to find that indeed the bunny had come to our house. Ceecee didn't even make it down the stairs before she noticed the eggs and of course her new bike in the middle of the floor. Boy is that Easter bunny smart, because she loves that new bike. She did eventually go looking for the eggs and by 10 am we had an extremely wired girl on our hands. We spent the afternoon at Nana and Poppa's and that went remarkably well and without chair crashing incidents. Once again a spoiled little girl.

Loving her new wheels.

Me new golf partner in the making.

Hmmmm... whatch you got??

Lovin his favorite auntie!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Does life get any better?

* I weighed myself this morning and haven't gained a single pound in a month.... So I think I'm gaining baby and losing a little bit of me! YAY!! Plus I'm right on track this time with how much weight I'm "supposed" to gain!
* I washed the van last night and the sliding door on Reese's side wasn't froze shut this morning! ( Which saved me lugging a 25lb struggling child through the opposite door and dead lifting her into her car seat)
* Rocking out with CeeCee to "Welcome to the Jungle" on the way to work this morning.
* The moderate weather and the sun shining.
* 9 more days to our vacay!!!
* 4 day weekend approaching very quickly.
* Supper out tonight with the curling ladies for our wind up

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I think I need some cheese

I have been a stranger to posting lately. Partly because I am a busy working mama but I think mostly because I am so depressed and sick of this weather. And I really don't want to turn this blog into a whiny, sucky, negative read. Especially when I have such cute pictures of my girl to display. But seriously, I need sunshine and warmth and my rambunctious little monkey needs to be able to go outside and play.
We also have been really busy. On the weekend I had a shower and a social to attend, plus we had my brother stay with us all weekend. This was the beginning of Ceecee's break in routine - going to bed at 9:00 is exhausting for mama. I need a couple hours for myself in the evenings. Monday night we were invited for dinner to our neighbor's house, which was lovely but Ceecee again was 9 before going to bed. Then yesterday we had our ultrasound and by the time we got home, she was once again almost up later than me. So I am super excited to have a simple supper and veg on the couch with a good book. (~ sigh~ this is where a nice glass of wine would come in handy).
So our ultrasound was awesome, much to Scott's dismay, there is only one in there. The technician was the same one who did Reese's ultasound and I remember Reese was super still and made it easy on her.... this one was a little different. It was awesome to be able to watch it kicking, punching and headbutting, and in general just kicking the crap out of mama. I am having such a different pregnancy this time it's weird. I know that everybody said that would happen but I honestly didn't believe it. Mentally it is so much better, I don't even think about it that much and I haven't even opened my What to expect book once. That part is awesome, not obsessing so much about every damn little thing. The physical side on the other hand is worse. I am having way worse heartburn, way earlier. I am already sleeping poorly because I'm uncomfortable. I seem to be having more back aches earlier on and more headaches. I'm sure once the sun starts shining and we get outside and breathe some fresh air everything will get better... right??

On a funny note, my little girl has taken to telling the world when she passes gas. She will announce toot, toot. So today I said, what do you say?, to which she responded, ewww. ha ha.

She is really good at her manners and will say pease, sank-yooouuuu, scuse-me and soddy (sorry) with regularity. We have been trying the naughty spot form of discipline when necessary and she knows that when she is being bad she will go to the corner. She sits decently most of the time and is quick to say soddy and give us a hug and a kiss after. Yay Supernanny, for making these techniques so readily available to the world.

Isn't she such a big girl now... brings a tear to my eye.