Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is in the air

And you know what that means.... rubber boots!! ha ha. Actually I do have a really cute pair for Reese.

We are in the process of renovating CeeCee's big girl room. It was originally going to be a quick fix up and has ended with ripping out the old lathe and plaster, re-insulating, and drywalling. Not that I have had much to do with this process, except for keeping a very curious toddler occupied while daddy is working. He's on to the mudding and taping part this week and I am not looking forward to the fine dust that will surely cover my entire house. I am, however, anxious for this stage to be done as that is when my job starts. That is, the making it all cute and girly stage. I am planning a pink and chocolate brown theme. One wall being stripes of these two colors. We already have an antique bedroom set that my mom has given us to put in there and I picked up some brown curtains the other day. I will post pics when we get it done, which is ideally before we leave for our holiday.

We have officially planned a trip for Spring. We're off to San Francisco mid April for 5 days. We've got lots of activities planned already and I'm sure the time will just fly by. I'm super pumped to get away for a little while and have some grown up time.

I had my first doctor's appointment last week and everything is A-ok. I'm feeling good if you don't count the major heartburn, being tired, blah, blah, blah. Being pregnant is always the same crap and I refuse to whine about it (except to Scott that is). I'm less negative this time and I'd like to keep it that way. I am noticing however that it is harder on my body this time, likely because I'm not in as good of shape. Now that it is warming up, my goal is to get moving a lot more, and eating better. If nothing else, this should at least help with keeping positive. Also, I need to buy some more cute, new maternity clothes. But if you're wondering I think that the Spring stuff on Gap and Old Navy is kind of eh. Nothing that jumps out at me. So if anyone has any clue of where to find cute maternity clothes, please let me know.

Now as Reese likes to say, tootles.

Monday, March 02, 2009