Monday, February 23, 2009

K to the A

So our dear friend KA is getting married in June and Saturday night was her crazy and wild stagette. I mean as wild as a bunch of new moms/ preggo people can get. Let's just say that there were many discussions about babies, more babies, motherhood, epidurals and other sorts of equally fascinating topics. Thank god that Donna was thinking and sent a nice little trivia game that got us talking about more, ahem, "interesting" things. There were quite a few cosmos drank, lots of munchies consumed and of course bowling, which, by the way, I accidently let slip to Scott as I was whining about my sore back on Sunday. Oops.

The lovely Vic and Erin.

Myself and foxy Heather.

Dessert to go with the Sex & the Country theme.

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