Thursday, February 12, 2009

The cat is out of the bag

We're expecting again for August. Actually Reese's birthday. When we said we'd like our kids two years apart, we meant it.

As if we need another one, sometimes the one we have is too much. Case in point, yesterday after a long, exhausting day, I get to my mom and dad's to pick her up. With all of our lovely weather lately the sliding doors on the van have been sticking. Of course, it's always the side that Reese's seat is on, so it has been a fun week of climbing in the other door with a squirming 18 month old and try to heave her into her seat. ANYWHO.... yesterday this happens again so I place Reese in the front passenger seat, tell her to stay put and shut the door so she doesn't fall out on her face. As I'm walking around to the other side to try and pry the door open, I hear the dreaded click. That's right the little bugger locked me out of the vehicle. Oh and did I mention because it's winter and cold, of course the van is running. And of course she isn't even restrained into her seat. So after a moment of panic. I realized I had the extra key in the pocket of my jacket and the crisis was averted.

And I'm afraid to say that I think she might have my klutzy gene... today she walked straight into a wall because she was looking at me and trying to walk at the same time. Poor little thing... hopefully our next one can be graceful.


ka said...

Yeah! I love being an *Aunty*!

And, just so we're all clear, this is NOT giving me any ideas. I still KNOW the one I have is one too many most days... ;)

Laura said...

Congratulations! :D

ka said...

PS - It just occured to me I never bugged you about the fact that you VAN sliding doors aren't working. I never have an issue with the doors on my fabulous SUV. ;)

Pamela said...

CONGRATS you kids!
Hehehehe - So happy for you!