Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oh baby...

So today my baby girl is wearing pull ups. This comes about after much discussion, irregular use of the potty and oh yeah... after constantly mangling her diaper every night and then yesterday taking it off after a poopy and it dragging around in her pant leg. Oh and then she ripped off her diaper last night and had pee everywhere! Oy!
So today we gave the big girl diapers a shot and hopefully try and get her going more and more on the potty.
She has been especially trying lately with sleeping habits and hating all things daddy. The girl is still being rocked to sleep and then often and more so with daddy will wake up and scream and shout after being put in her crib. Last night this went on with daddy for 1 and a half hours! And then I had to intervene and that took me half an hour. So if you wonder what we're busy with in the evenings, that just about kills it. Anywho, after screaming for 15 minutes and making herself barf, I finally calmed her down and put her to bed. Speaking of which her big girl room is just waiting for finishing touches and then she will be moving... which will be wonderful with the way things have been going. She napped in her big girl bed on the weekend and did quite well.
I'm not exactly sure what is wrong with her. She has been getting her eye teeth for at least a month now and I cannot quite express into words how jealous I am of people who's children just pop those teeth out fairly quickly and painlessly.
Then there is her inexplicable intolerance for daddy lately. Like honestly the man cannot do anything right. She just yells at him and kicks and fights if he tries to do anything for her. I am still waiting for the daddy's girl stage to kick in.

I think that the teething, combined with a saucy almost 2 year old seems to be our problem, but it is taking all of our patience to tolerate somedays.
On a positive note, she is stringing words together and loves to rhyme right now. She loves Nana banana, daddy baddy, mommy bummy and a couple of her favorite expressions right now are hot tamale and sad baby.

Apart from that all goodness - I only have 30 work days left!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

93 days to go

The countdown has begun. I'm not in as big of a rush this time around although I would like to see this kid come on its own around my due date. I am however counting down the days until I'm done work - 77, which includes weekends and holidays. Only 42 actual work days left. YAHOO.

In the meantime, this precious little girl of mine is keeping me busy.

She is such a little tomboy right now - loves being outside, loves playing with her tractors in the mud, picking rocks, helping mommy plant and water things. She also loves going for rides on daddy's tractors, or even with mommy for little rides on the lawnmower. Most evenings we have to forcibly bring her inside and make her have a bath. She also likes to watch baseball and recently received her first pink baseball glove and ball from Uncle MoMo. Not sure how the pink glove will coordinate with her Cleveland Indians bat though.....

She's gotten much better at giving big hugs that just make you want to never let go and will give kisses much more readily, especially if she thinks you're sad. I love to see that tender side of her.

She has little tolerance and patience and will tell (yell) you to stop, or don't and last night I even noticed her yelling these things at the dogs. She is stubborn and likes things just so and has quite the temper should things not go her way.

She is funny and smart and bright and I couldn't have wished for a better little girl to be a part of my life.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Is it even possible for bland ass Cheerios to give a person heartburn??

Monday, May 04, 2009

Friday, May 01, 2009

WTF?? May??

So April this year quite literally flew by. With combined convention and holidays, I only worked 11 days last month. HA HA SUCKERS

So we went on our trip to San Fran... leaving the little monster behind with my parents. I'm glad we left her but not anxious to do it again anytime soon. Last time we left her was a year ago and that was so much easier. This time it pretty much broke my heart. I phoned twice from San Fran and when I heard her little voice say mama, well it was quite emotional.
But back to the trip.... it started out a little rocky. Our flight didn't leave until 4:50 so we had ample time to get into the city, have lunch with Jill, and squeeze in a little last minute shopping. Or at least so I thought. We met Jill at 1, had lunch and proceeded to the last item on the list... shopping. Well it went a little better than I thought it would and at 3:30 we were making a mad dash for the airport. Oops.

Jill did a great job of rushing us there, and we arrived at 3:55. This is the point where we try to check in and are told that we missed the flight. Uh yeah.... my gut wrenched. So Scott did some b.s. story about coming in from the country (aw schucks) and all of the flooding, blah, blah. All of sudden we're being checked in. Until we find out that stupid me booked the flight with the married name and the passport is still missing the addition. Oopsies again. So after a big lecture on that, followed by a "good luck getting home" comment, we were on our way.

The flight to Minneapolis was only an hour, yay!, but with the sinus cold that was still not quite gone, I had major issues with my ears, and ended up feeling like my eyeball was going to pop out of my head. Once landed we had 3 hours to kill before the flight to San Fran. I couldn't hear fro the first hour of it, but we managed to sit down for a good meal, watch some baseball and then settle in and wait. Our flight to San Fran was uneventful. 3 and a half hours, which normally isn't too long, but my back ached and I couldn't sleep. We got into San Fran, 11:15 p.m. local time which translated to 1:15 a.m. our time. We had to run through the airport to catch the last subway ride to our hotel. The subway experience was good, contrary to my preconcieved notions ( which involve being mugged, shot, or some other idea that t.v. has planted in my subconscious).
Our hotel was lovely, although would have been a whole lot quieter if by chance we would have noticed the air vents were open the whole time ( minus one night) we were there.

So while there, we crammed a lot of activities into the 4 days. Lots of walking and every form of public transportation available including the subway, the bus, the muni-rail, the cable cars.
We took in the Haight-Ashbury area, Union Square ( where we stayed), the financial district, China town, Nob Hill, Tenderloin area and of course Fisherman's Wharf. We went to a ball game where Scott caught a practise ball, took the ferry to Sausilito, went to Alcatraz island, went to the aquarium, and went to a Black Keyes concert in the Fox Theatre in Oakland. The ball game was good, although freezing cold! Alcatraz was surprisingly good for me. They had an audio tour you took and it was very entertaining. Sausilito was a lovely little community that was very charming and had the best pizza lunch. China town was very quaint although disturbingly stinky. The concert in Oakland was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!! The Fox Theatre was a gorgeous venue and even the lesbian girlfriends who wanted to fight couldn't ruin the fantastic music we heard. I could go on and on about the delicious food we ingested but I don't think I have enough time. We ate A LOT. Let's leave it at that.
All in all an excellent trip and a much better flight home. I missed my little girl so much and was pumped to see her. This week, I was away for a couple of nights to Brandon and Reese is really getting wary every time she sees my suitcase. It's time now to stay home for awhile and get some lawn work done.

The ball park.

Scott at the ball park.


Basically frozen at this point.

Reflecting on how awesome his life is. tee hee

Drunk as usual. hee hee

Alcatraz island.

The aquarium.

I loved these guys at Fisherman's Wharf. (that was basically the only thing I did love about that place)

My virgin margarita was a wee bit tart.

See my comment above!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So Easter this year was pretty awesome. I had told Reese that the bunny was coming and that he would bring candy and wouldn't you know, every morning that is the first thing she said to me.

** On a side note.. did I mention that she went poop and pee on the potty a week ago.... YAY! And boo... because she has had no interest since despite constant harassement by mommy and daddy. While changing a rather disgusting diaper yesterday I asked her when she was going to go on the potty. Soon... she replied. Stinker.

So anywho... back to Easter. Saturday we went to C. City for Scott's side. Unfortunately I was still fighting a cold and then we had a good fight to get Reese down for a nap, which resulted in the old rocking chair collapsing and sending me and Reese against the side of the crib. Being the maternal beast that I am, I bravely took the brunt of the impact on my jaw and neck. Lovely. The rest of the day, I just concentrated on getting through. Reese had a lovely time though. She loves gamma and her crazy songs she sings to her. She received some lovely non-chocolatey gifts and we were home in time for a decent bed time.

Modelling her new Dora gardening gloves from Lee & Jill.

Sunday, we wook up to find that indeed the bunny had come to our house. Ceecee didn't even make it down the stairs before she noticed the eggs and of course her new bike in the middle of the floor. Boy is that Easter bunny smart, because she loves that new bike. She did eventually go looking for the eggs and by 10 am we had an extremely wired girl on our hands. We spent the afternoon at Nana and Poppa's and that went remarkably well and without chair crashing incidents. Once again a spoiled little girl.

Loving her new wheels.

Me new golf partner in the making.

Hmmmm... whatch you got??

Lovin his favorite auntie!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Does life get any better?

* I weighed myself this morning and haven't gained a single pound in a month.... So I think I'm gaining baby and losing a little bit of me! YAY!! Plus I'm right on track this time with how much weight I'm "supposed" to gain!
* I washed the van last night and the sliding door on Reese's side wasn't froze shut this morning! ( Which saved me lugging a 25lb struggling child through the opposite door and dead lifting her into her car seat)
* Rocking out with CeeCee to "Welcome to the Jungle" on the way to work this morning.
* The moderate weather and the sun shining.
* 9 more days to our vacay!!!
* 4 day weekend approaching very quickly.
* Supper out tonight with the curling ladies for our wind up

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I think I need some cheese

I have been a stranger to posting lately. Partly because I am a busy working mama but I think mostly because I am so depressed and sick of this weather. And I really don't want to turn this blog into a whiny, sucky, negative read. Especially when I have such cute pictures of my girl to display. But seriously, I need sunshine and warmth and my rambunctious little monkey needs to be able to go outside and play.
We also have been really busy. On the weekend I had a shower and a social to attend, plus we had my brother stay with us all weekend. This was the beginning of Ceecee's break in routine - going to bed at 9:00 is exhausting for mama. I need a couple hours for myself in the evenings. Monday night we were invited for dinner to our neighbor's house, which was lovely but Ceecee again was 9 before going to bed. Then yesterday we had our ultrasound and by the time we got home, she was once again almost up later than me. So I am super excited to have a simple supper and veg on the couch with a good book. (~ sigh~ this is where a nice glass of wine would come in handy).
So our ultrasound was awesome, much to Scott's dismay, there is only one in there. The technician was the same one who did Reese's ultasound and I remember Reese was super still and made it easy on her.... this one was a little different. It was awesome to be able to watch it kicking, punching and headbutting, and in general just kicking the crap out of mama. I am having such a different pregnancy this time it's weird. I know that everybody said that would happen but I honestly didn't believe it. Mentally it is so much better, I don't even think about it that much and I haven't even opened my What to expect book once. That part is awesome, not obsessing so much about every damn little thing. The physical side on the other hand is worse. I am having way worse heartburn, way earlier. I am already sleeping poorly because I'm uncomfortable. I seem to be having more back aches earlier on and more headaches. I'm sure once the sun starts shining and we get outside and breathe some fresh air everything will get better... right??

On a funny note, my little girl has taken to telling the world when she passes gas. She will announce toot, toot. So today I said, what do you say?, to which she responded, ewww. ha ha.

She is really good at her manners and will say pease, sank-yooouuuu, scuse-me and soddy (sorry) with regularity. We have been trying the naughty spot form of discipline when necessary and she knows that when she is being bad she will go to the corner. She sits decently most of the time and is quick to say soddy and give us a hug and a kiss after. Yay Supernanny, for making these techniques so readily available to the world.

Isn't she such a big girl now... brings a tear to my eye.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is in the air

And you know what that means.... rubber boots!! ha ha. Actually I do have a really cute pair for Reese.

We are in the process of renovating CeeCee's big girl room. It was originally going to be a quick fix up and has ended with ripping out the old lathe and plaster, re-insulating, and drywalling. Not that I have had much to do with this process, except for keeping a very curious toddler occupied while daddy is working. He's on to the mudding and taping part this week and I am not looking forward to the fine dust that will surely cover my entire house. I am, however, anxious for this stage to be done as that is when my job starts. That is, the making it all cute and girly stage. I am planning a pink and chocolate brown theme. One wall being stripes of these two colors. We already have an antique bedroom set that my mom has given us to put in there and I picked up some brown curtains the other day. I will post pics when we get it done, which is ideally before we leave for our holiday.

We have officially planned a trip for Spring. We're off to San Francisco mid April for 5 days. We've got lots of activities planned already and I'm sure the time will just fly by. I'm super pumped to get away for a little while and have some grown up time.

I had my first doctor's appointment last week and everything is A-ok. I'm feeling good if you don't count the major heartburn, being tired, blah, blah, blah. Being pregnant is always the same crap and I refuse to whine about it (except to Scott that is). I'm less negative this time and I'd like to keep it that way. I am noticing however that it is harder on my body this time, likely because I'm not in as good of shape. Now that it is warming up, my goal is to get moving a lot more, and eating better. If nothing else, this should at least help with keeping positive. Also, I need to buy some more cute, new maternity clothes. But if you're wondering I think that the Spring stuff on Gap and Old Navy is kind of eh. Nothing that jumps out at me. So if anyone has any clue of where to find cute maternity clothes, please let me know.

Now as Reese likes to say, tootles.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

K to the A

So our dear friend KA is getting married in June and Saturday night was her crazy and wild stagette. I mean as wild as a bunch of new moms/ preggo people can get. Let's just say that there were many discussions about babies, more babies, motherhood, epidurals and other sorts of equally fascinating topics. Thank god that Donna was thinking and sent a nice little trivia game that got us talking about more, ahem, "interesting" things. There were quite a few cosmos drank, lots of munchies consumed and of course bowling, which, by the way, I accidently let slip to Scott as I was whining about my sore back on Sunday. Oops.

The lovely Vic and Erin.

Myself and foxy Heather.

Dessert to go with the Sex & the Country theme.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The cat is out of the bag

We're expecting again for August. Actually Reese's birthday. When we said we'd like our kids two years apart, we meant it.

As if we need another one, sometimes the one we have is too much. Case in point, yesterday after a long, exhausting day, I get to my mom and dad's to pick her up. With all of our lovely weather lately the sliding doors on the van have been sticking. Of course, it's always the side that Reese's seat is on, so it has been a fun week of climbing in the other door with a squirming 18 month old and try to heave her into her seat. ANYWHO.... yesterday this happens again so I place Reese in the front passenger seat, tell her to stay put and shut the door so she doesn't fall out on her face. As I'm walking around to the other side to try and pry the door open, I hear the dreaded click. That's right the little bugger locked me out of the vehicle. Oh and did I mention because it's winter and cold, of course the van is running. And of course she isn't even restrained into her seat. So after a moment of panic. I realized I had the extra key in the pocket of my jacket and the crisis was averted.

And I'm afraid to say that I think she might have my klutzy gene... today she walked straight into a wall because she was looking at me and trying to walk at the same time. Poor little thing... hopefully our next one can be graceful.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I am sooo high school.... enjoy

I always love reading these things from other people...

1. Name: Meghan
2. Where were you born? Boissevain
3. Your hometown? Dunrea
4. What's your main goal in life? Just to be happy and love my life
5. Do you want to have children? I want more than the one I already have.
6. How do you want to die? Quickly I guess... painlessly if possible.

1. Sex before marriage? Hmmmm....
2. Lower the drinking age? Nope....I think there's enough idiots in the bar already.
3. Recycling? A must. For the sake of our children.

1. Do you have a crush? Does Eric Dane count?
2. Who is the best hugger? Reesey
3. Love at first sight? Nope. Maybe attraction but not love.

1. Person you saw not in your family? Nana and Poppa
2. Person you hugged? Reesey
3. Movie watched? Iron Man
4. Song you listened to? Something gay on the shitty radio we get out here in the sticks

1. What are you doing now? Working.... really hard!
2. What are you doing tonight? Curling
3. What are you going to eat for dinner? Leftover taco salad

1. Bought something? yes
2. Gotten sick? unfortunately
3. Been hugged? yes
4. Felt stupid? like 600 times a day
5. Missed someone? hmmm... not really.
6. Failed a test? no
7. Danced? yes
8. Slept with someone? yes
9. Slept with more than one person? yes - we like to bring Reesey to bed with us some mornings

1. Do you want to get married? Can I go back and say no. ha ha
2. What kind of house do you want? A very big one... with lots of closets and storage options.... I actually had an amazing dream about this the other night.

1. Shaved your head bald? Absolutely not... nor would I ever.
2. Taken over an hour to get ready? Probably a few times. Not often.
3. Gone to jail? no

1. Continue using the computer? yes
2. Hang out with someone today? weird question... probably.
4. Go to school? ha ha.... please refer to the title of this post.

1. Rain or snow? Rain
2. Summer or Winter? summer
3. Text messaging or MSN? OMG... for sure texting. ha ha
4. McDonalds or A&W? Ewww.... do you know what's in that shit. Gross.
5. Movies or shows? Movies.... on the couch in my jammies with snacks!

1. Said "I Love you"? A few times.
2. Given money to a homeless person? Probably
4. Waited all night for a phone call? Hells no.
5. Snuck out: no....I grew up in the boonies, where would I have gone?
6. Looked at the stars? I guess so... not really my thing - pretty much looks the same all the time
7. Sleep in a bed with a person of the same sex? yes
9. Stolen money from a Friend? All the time. ha ha
10. Seen someone die? no
11. Been on an airplane? Yes
12. Slept all day? Don't think so
13. Missed someone so much it hurt? no
14. Fallen asleep during school? no
15. Been lonely? maybe
16. Cheated in a game? Just with Scott
17. Been in a car accident? A few but they weren't my fault. I'm an excellent driver!
18. Had detention? probably
19. Been so happy you cried? yes... but only when Reesey was born.
21. Regretted loving someone? Nah. What doesn't kill ya, makes you stronger.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My little turkey... gobble, gobble

As our little girl gets older, her personality just keeps getting more and more defined.... and man what a little weirdo she is!

Exhibit "A"

Exhibit "B"

Exhibit "C"

Monday, January 26, 2009

A correction

Scott is the not the Creeper, he is the Crippler...
However when Reesey does say it, it does sound a lot like Creepy.... maybe Crippy?

Anywho, wanted to clear that little error up first thing!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wellllll helllllllo

So.... what's new? In a flash... nothing. So in lieu of boring work, regular humdrum life I give you Reesey's new(ish) developments.

* Likes to be sung to sleep... we now offer a choice of songs, Twinkle Twinkle ( or Twinkie, twinkie as she puts it), Rock-a-bye baby or ABC's. This new choice method was brought into effect because mommy got sick of singing ABC's 30 times in a row!

* Loves snack time (nack, nack)

* Will actually say please if she really wants something (score for mommy)

* Absolutely loves to be chased. Her daddy is now affectionately called the Creeper and she will screach Creepy, Creepy and expect her daddy to chase her. This typically brings about squeals of delight and laughter.

* Has no interest in t.v. ( even though momma has tried to get her to watch 10 minutes just to get a break!)

* The one show she will watch for 5 minutes is Barney but to her mother's chagrin

* Will rip out any sort of barette or clip I put in her hair within 2 minutes

* Comes and grabs our hand's to lead us to what she might want

* Loves to hide and is actually getting much better at it

* Says her own name... Ceecee

* Drinks with straws

* Is growing taller because she can now reach the microwave at Nana's house ( and turn it off too)

* Has 8 teeth

* Will now give us kisses ( sometimes) without being forced to do so

* Likes to help dust with her own clothe

* Likes to pretend "seepies" with a blankie on the floor

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood...

But when it's -50 outside why on earth do the farmers start up their trucks just to go for coffee???