Monday, December 01, 2008


So it has been busy. Last week I was Winnipeg for the majority of the week for Convention. I always dread going and this year was no different. But it was awesome to see P & J ( ha ha) and Sherry. I realized somewhere along the way that lately I haven't really been feeling like me. I feel lost... like my whole life is Scott and Reese and being a mom and working full time. Anywho... being in Winnipeg for 4 days was wonderful for me. I was able to do anything I wanted, whenever I wanted, I actually took time to do my make up and feel kind of like me for a little while. It was fun to escape and it really rejuvenated me. I think that in the future I will be taking little mini "me holidays" more frequently.

It was also nice to come home though.... Reese is saying a new word a day and has added to her repetoire...

Cuckoo ( Thanks KA)


Boo Boo and Zeke

The bad thing about being gone for a week from work is that the work just waits and stacks up for you. I have 13 more days that I'm working this year and plenty of work and meetings to fill up twice that many days. So I am stressed out. Also, for the first time in many years I am not done Christmas shopping. Needless to say I have too many people to shop for that need nothing. I wandered aroud the mall aimlessly and came up with very little. Except for an outfit for Reese that I'm not overly fond of and chenille tights that cost as much as the dress! I normally not such a sucker but this woman caught me at a vulnerable moment and was a very persuasive ( pushy) salesperson.

That's all for me.


Corina said...

I hear ya - things are getting crazy - I'm not sure if it is the whole buzz thing before Christmas or what. But I'm feeling the pressure too. I still have the most important people to buy for yet - Gerald and the parents - I'm hoping that i have some kind of brave wave soon as to what to get them! I got the rest of it done this past weekend (which is a first for me to be done so soon! haha) Call me anytime!

ka said...

Hey, if cuckoo is the worst word I teach your kid, I think you should thank me. It's the kind of word you don't have to be embarassed to hear your kid repeat in public! :)

Was talking to Pamela yesterday, and we need to get Girls Weekend organized. I have some thoughts, so stay tuned for details!!