Thursday, November 13, 2008

Well hello again old friend...

Sorry for lack of posts but life has been busy!

So to try and redeem myself ( plus I seem to have nothing exciting to talk about).... More pics.

Reesey is walking... actually running everywhere these days. Her vocabulary is expanding everyday. Some of the things she says:



Nana (Grandma C.) and also Banana

Poppa ( Grandpa C.)

Momeem ( Uncle Morgan)

Baby Maa (Baby Mac)







Brains ( in a creepy goulish voice)


Hi ( to everyone who will listen)

Ba Bye

Please ( only once and it was in order to get a slice of cheese before supper)

She seems to be trying to repeat a lot of what we say. Which is cool... and also dangerous. She is definitely a chatty cathy like her father. Sheesh!

We seriously love her at this age... which I'm sure I've said before and probably will say again, but she is just so much fun. She sleeps 12 hours a night, eats our food, plays on her own and is actually quite a little entertainer for us. And she's pretty darn cute too... if I do say so myself!


Corina said...

Oh - I love those pictures - especially the black and white one. I can't believe how many words that she is saying. Mia just says daddy to everything! Even I am daddy!

ka said...

Hopefully we can sneak in a visit while we're out at Mom and Dad's!