Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's a Little Awkward....

Last night Scott and I were going through a box full of his old school work, cards, report cards, etc. And we came across this gem. I had to share.

It's a Little Awkward

A steer that drinks beer
is like
A hog who ate a frog
is like
A seal who liked to steal
is like
A wombat with a tomcat
is like
A skunk who eats junk
is like
A fly who told a lie.

By: Kelly and Scott

1 comment:

ka said...

I like that he had to have help to write it.

We've been through Kris' school work this year, and let's just say the only thing that survived was some high school test he got 97% on. I think even if you inverted the numbers there wasn't anything that came close.