Thursday, October 02, 2008

Before it makes its way to the basement never to be seen again

Found in a scribbler in a chapter pertaining to government. We figured that the assignment was to write a letter on a subject you felt strongly about to the government.

June 10/ 85

Dear Mr. Murta,

I, Scott Klassen, have a problem which concerns me very much. Seat belts are the large problem. They are not as useful as you and Roland Penner think. As an example this man is riding down the road, when he turns a corner, a large black Ferrari pulls out of a driveway and cannot turn fast enough to get out of his way. In attempt to swerve he turns the wrong way and down a hill he rolled in his car. When he got to the bottom of the hill he was ready to get out but his seatbelt stuck and the car blew up. There are many other ways in which this happens.

Yours truly,

Scott Klassen


ka said...

My favourite part of this one is that it was written in 1985. In 1985 Scott was protesting the government and I had yet to start kindergarten...

LOVE it. :)

Pamela said...

Very cute!

However, stats show that you'll be safer with your seatbelt than without... I used to work at MPI!
Best bet - don't get in an accident... Make a the right "collision decision".

Ha! How's THAT for brainwashing?!