Monday, September 29, 2008

This weekend in 60 seconds

Scott was away pretty much away the whole weekend so it was just me and Reesey. I swear that girl is going through the terrible twos early.... her incessant whining has been the soundtrack of my life this past week and this weekend was no different. All I can say is thank god for 7:00 bed time.
After the screaming child, who now glares at me, and throws everything on the floor, was in bed, I did manage to watch a few chick flicks. Now I'm no Sex and the City mega fan or anything but while searching for a movie I came across it and thought why not. I loved it! It pretty much sums up everything a chick flick should be. I really loved that it wasn't all cry-y and emotional.... there was some crude humor and fashion shows, and I wasn't bored the whole 2 and a half hours it took to watch it. I would definitely recommend it. Oh... and in case any guy has to sit through it.... I will give you the Scott review - Yes there is boobs in it. The end.

Yesterday we had family photos taken. At 5:30 p.m. I tried very hard to make sure that Reese slept so she would smile a bit.... but of course she had different ideas. So I'm not sure how they are going to turn out but if you get a christmas card from us this year and there is a picture of a screaming child on it, well, I tried.

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Corina said...

Megs - I just saw that Sex in the City came out this week on video. Yipee - I can't wait to find it.
That sucks that Miss Reesey is being a sucky lately - what's up do you think?? More teeth?