Thursday, September 04, 2008

Reese's Ist Birthday Extravaganza

The cake I made for her 1st birthday;

Kari-Ann - please note the quilt underneath the cake..... I couldn't find an appropriate table cloth.... so this worked perfectly.

Clapping for the cake.... what can I say - I'm an excellent cake baker. ( Thank you Duncan Hines)

The most awesome Mickey Mouse, plane push/ride toy. Oh yeah - the propellor actually goes. It only took Scott and I 30 ish minutes to pick it out. We were tempted to go with Mater the tow truck but thought we should attempt a little girliness for Reese. Not so much that we went with the Princess one or god forbid - Dora. Don't even get me started on Dora.

* Please note that she left her hat on for the cake opening AND the present opening *

A recent shot. Have some shame girl and put your boobie away!

And one from the wedding last weekend. Jer might appreciate the "pointing" shot. I think I need to work on the slightly upward head tilt.


Corina said...

Megs - cute pics from the birthday party! That cake was awesome - good for you!

And I really like the shirt you were wearing to the wedding! Where did you get it? I desperately need to get some new clothes. I'm thinking that I might start buying stuff online because it doesn't seem like Dauphin Walmart has a lot to offer these days! What are your favorite online stores?

ka said...

Welcome back to blogs! God, I thought I'd lost you all. I've almost given up on Pamela and Jer. :)

Super cute. And good job on the cake. Wow. You're almost as smart as me. Almost... ;)

Meghan said...

Corina - the shirt is actually a dress and it came from Suzy Shier of all places. I don't usually shop there but I was desperate!