Monday, April 28, 2008

Reese's Pieces

We are having fun lately with Reese eating anything... contrary to Miss Mia. She does like tweeters ( puffed wheat) and her cookies ( baby mum mum's) and she will eat cereal and most fruit. But if you try to give her veggies or bananas, she will gag and gag and then barf all over. So that has been fun.
Lately she will shake her head back and forth when you say no. Or if she doesn't want whatever you're giving her. It's kind of nice that she is communicating if only a little bit. She also will wave bye-bye, play patty cakes and tell us how big she is by putting her hands over her head.

Here she is playing with Grandpa's hat.

2 weeks ago when it was so nice out - we took Reesey out and let her play on a blanket. She loved watching the dogs and when Scott started up the tractor - she starting laughing and got super excited.

THen we had another big adventure... she met the cows and most importantly the calves.

And to finish off... some delicious baby feet.