Sunday, March 02, 2008


A few weeks ago we started Reese on real food. And because I am a mean and cruel person, we started with peas.

I think these pics tell it all.

We have since moved onto prunes and pears. Which she loves! And yes we feed our kid in front of the tv, with no pants on, in her bumbo chair!

And we bought some new wheels since I last talked to the internet.

Neither of us ever wanted a van but with a kid I have totally changed my opinion. I love my new van!


Corina said...

Hey there - I love the colour of your van - it is unique!!! Looks sharp! G and I were just commenting today about how we are digging our old van.

Looks like Miss Reese is doing awesome eating...and don't worry - Mia's high chair seat is strapped to a bar chair - in front of the TV!!!

ka said...

Ha ha - you and Corina both drive vans. Do you mind swinging by and picking up Junior for your soccer carpools - I'd love to pick up your kids but there isn't room in my cool Edge... ;)

Love the pics. And it's not cruel. It's amusing. There's a BIG difference.

Can't wait to see you ladies in a couple weeks!

Meghan said...

Ahhh... you just wait KA. (Insert evil laugh here)
Never say never... there will be lots of things you said you'd never do that once Junior is here you probably will do anyway