Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Still cookin

No baby yet! 7 days and counting. Waiting sucks!!!!!!
Been feeling pretty good though and getting some last minute things done at home. Still had enough time to squeeze in some afternoon naps too.
The room is ready, names are picked, bags are packed and we have been trying the "tips" to start labour naturally.

This is the view from the adjoining door of our room.
Another angle. I love my antique furniture!

Note the packed bags ready to go on the rocking chair.
And last but not least the crib with the homemade baby quilt - made with love by mommy! Don't freak out all the animals and pillows will be removed before Pedro sleeps in here.

In other news - Pam will likely be proud to hear that I went and got our car seat checked out after Scott installed it. I took it to the local ambulance garage and they checked it all over and told me that Scott had done a wonderful job. One less thing to worry about when we're bring home Pedro!


ka said...

Nice job Megs and Scott.

And I can't believe you had to double check Scott's installation of the car seat. He's a man. They NEVER screw things like that up, do they??? ;)

Pamela said...

I am SO proud of you! :) Did Scott jump into the car seat and everything? (You may think I'm kidding...)

I think that waiting game sounds insane... Too crazy! I'm so excited, I can't imagine how guys are feeling...

And, because I'm a baby virgin (hahaha - what???), what are the "tips"? The television tells me that you're probably doing lots "monkey business" to move things along... Anything else? Eating pickles while swinging in a hammock perhaps?

Thinking of you lots... :)