Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Why not Minot?

So the weekend was good. It's amazing how quickly I get tired these days, which was quite evident on our weekend away. I don't even think that I covered the whole mall - my feet and legs were too tired and half of the stores have nothing for me to buy right now anyways. My only purchases were baby related and not all that exciting. Oh and a maternity bathing suit for mama.

We did however relax. Swimming in the pool felt awesome. Joe and Kyla were great company and it was nice to see their kids again. We went to the zoo and it was a lot of fun. We enjoyed the howler monkeys the most I think. We had a few nice meals and even enjoyed a game of mini golf on the steepest course I have ever seen.

A few pics:

34 Weeks at the zoo - it was frickin hot!

Don't ask....


Pamela said...

I think you're frickin' hot!

And, how is it that your man looks like Johnny AND Ronald McDonald?! You are one lucky lady! :)

Meghan said...

I couldn't be more proud. ahahaha

Yeah I feel like a tank but when I think about only having 6 weeks to go I still figure I'm not lookin too shabby!

ka said...

On the weekend The Boy was enquiring on how all the preggos were doing, and so I was showing him some pictures from your blog on his new laptop. He commented that you looked pretty dang good... Which is probably about as much of a compliment as he's willing to give with me sitting there... ;)

As for Ronnie McKlassen there... Well... :)

Meghan said...

Ronnie McKlassen... ahaha I like that.