Thursday, July 19, 2007

OCD.... maybe just a little

So.... only 9 days of work left today! Woohoo because it is quite a challenge in the morning to get up and mope off to work. 27 days left until d-day though. So this gets me thinking... what the hell am I going to do at home for 2 whole weeks before my due date? So of course, being the obsessed person that I am I started making a list, filled with really interesting things. No really. And I am going to post it here so that when I start to get bored I can just look back to this post and remind myself of everything I could be doing.

1. Clean the house! It might not get done again too soon after the baby is here.
2. Nap
3. Prepare meals and freeze them for after the baby is here. Trying to think of things that freeze well, lasagna, chili and soup. All of which, hopefully I can eat after without dying from heartburn!
4. Read my books!
5. Bake cookies for freezer. Yummy.
6. Catch up on bookwork for Chiro office ( and by catch up... I actually mean start - yikes!)
7. Watch daytime talkshows
8. Possibly start another quilt. I'm feeling the urge to be creative. Honestly I think I just want to go buy fabric!
9. Get something done with my hair.
10. My mom has a trunk full of our baby stuff, etc. I really want to go through it with her before the baby comes.
11. I need to make a list of the people we are going to call once we have the baby along with numbers so that Scott is ready to go.
12. I STILL need to pack my bag for the hospital - according to the internet this should be done by now - but this is the one task that I am not wanting to do.
13. Scott needs to install the car seat now that I have cleaned the car.
14. I need to organize and clean the nursery. Make it presentable. Right now everything is just dumped everywhere. How will this baby ever turn into an OCD person like its mommy if it has to come home to a messy bedroom right off the hop?

Any other suggestions?? God forbid I forget to schedule one of my precious 14 days off.


Anonymous said...

Are you done working after that? Or are you going back at some point?

ka said...

Nothing wrong with OCD. You have goals. And means to achieve them. Sounds good to me. :)

And from one OCD person to another, just call if you need any more ideas for your list.

Meghan said...

I'm planning on going back after my year off. Although I'm torn as to whether I will want full time or not.... We'll see what kind of deals I can wheel within the year.