Friday, July 20, 2007

Creep Factor 7

Today is Scott's birthday. He turns 33 years old and I couldn't help but laugh at him talking to my belly this morning trying to convince Pedro that he should make his entrance today. He assured him that is the only gift he wants for his birthday. Unfortunately for him, Pedro has a little of me in him and is likely not going to make his appearance until he's damn good and ready to!

Sometimes I forget that you're 6 years older than me ( and creep factor 7 for a few weeks!) because you're such a fun loving, cheeky little monkey. You always make me see the funny side of things and never fail to make me laugh.

Happy Birthday! Many hugs and kisses for you today!!


ka said...

33. Gosh that's old. MUCH older than my man.

Oh wait, but I'm MUCH younger than Megs...

Kris has 5 years on me. I always tell him that I remember the kids in high school his age (what would have been the Grade 12s when I was in Grade 7). Somehow they seemed so much more ridiculously cool than he does to me.

I mean, he's cool, but not that UNTOUCHABLE cool that they were. Err... Well...

Oh, forget it. He doesn't read this anyhow.

Happy Birthday Monkey Man. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to him!

Scott said...

Thanks to all for the well wishes and particularly to my beautiful wife. Who, I must add, took me out for supper on Friday and then suffered 'til 1:30 am listening to a bunch of men in their 30's trying to act like men in their teens. A big Muah to you.