Tuesday, July 17, 2007

29 Freakin Days.....

I can't believe it. It's less than a month away ( I hope!). I thought that it would never get here and now it is so close. I am big, uncomfortable, tired, and emotional and due to these things just want to stay at home and hide away!

Despite this fact we had a very busy weekend. I spent the weekend watching ball on Saturday, attending a wedding, and then I even made it to the Beachfest social and was out until 12:30!! It was a pretty action packed day for the preggo girl and Sunday I paid for it. I was pooped. But Scott and I still went to Brandon. We decided this year rather than buying birthday gifts for one another we would invest in a good camera. And that we did! It's a beaut though. As far as I can tell anyways. I still need some practise on all of its functions. But alas... we shall have an unaware subject in 29 freakin days.
And this is the pic that Scott sends me...

Hi... my pregnant wife is a stoner! Duh... who doesn't know that you always pick the one where the woman looks good.

After much tongue lashing, I got this.


Pamela said...

LOL - it's funny 'cause he looks like a stoner in the second one. :) I mean... not to say that I agree that you LOOK like a stoner in the first one.... *nervous laughter*.... right?

(Whewf, that was close!)


ka said...

Good for you for posting the first one. Uh, not that you don't look, uh, hot in it, or uh, anything like that. Yeah. Hot.

How did that nervous laughter go Pamela??? ;)

Where's the belly? And what was the verdict with the hair?

Meghan said...

Yeah - I wasn't going to post the first one - but hey if you can't laugh at yourself... So hot. ahaha

The belly... is coming. Be patient. And the hair is still not happening.

Scott said...

I think I look a little more like Shrek in the second one.