Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Who's the Boss

Monday night I was a little grumpy so Scott dumped me off on Alicia and Trevor who took me to Rolla for Subway. Once there I proceeded to order the exact same thing that I have ordered there for the last 10 years. Roasted chicken, loaded with jalapeno peppers and of course the chipotle southwest sauce. And then I topped it off with a Mello Yellow. Mmmm. I knew that I might pay later for the fact that I had consumed more caffeine than I've had in the last 7 months, but who cares right. This is my night. To heck with you Pedro.

Across from the Subway there is this auto repair place -we got quite a kick out of the sign.
Is it really necessary to advertise this on your business sign??

After doing a tour of the town and scouting out the local ALCO, I managed to whine my way into the Dairy Queen parking lot. One pecan mudslide later, I was one happy camper.

So I get home, completely cheered up. Watch some tube with the hubby and go to bed around 11. At midnight I jump out of bed run to the bathroom and ralph everything up. I got a pail and spent the next hour or so sitting with said pail trying to get back to sleep. In the meantime, Scott has yelled from bed to see if I'm okay ( real touching I know - let's hope he improves for when I go into labor). So despite thinking I can still do exactly what I want and not think about Pedro, I learned a hard lesson on who's the boss right now and unfortunately it's not me!

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